Nursing shortage???

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of nurses where I live…which sucks for me. I know it’s barely been a week since I got my license number, but I’ve already filled out over 30 applications & just about all of them have been denied! If I get one more, “Thank you, but we’ve decided to go with anyone other than you…” email I might lose it....more

Don't Let Your Client's Money Troubles Become Yours

Have you ever taken on your client's financial woes as your own? You know, sold yourself short because you compromised in some way because they captivated you with their tale of need. Did it have a happy ending? I doubt it... read on to see when and why to avoid taking on your clients problems as your own. ...more

Bidding You Farewell

They say all good things must come to an end, and I suppose that’s true in some ways. Next month, a major chapter of my life will wind down to a close as I shut my laptop one last time, breathe a sigh of contentment, and bid my BlogHer co-workers a heartfelt goodbye. Or, I expect I will be breathing a sigh of contentment. It could be a sigh of fear, or apprehension, or incredulousness at my own brazen actions....more
Aww... I will MISS you. You were so KIND to me behind the stage at BlogHer 11. I will always ...more

Getting your blog published on Yahoo News!

I am so stinkin' excited that one of my blog posts got picked up by Yahoo News! as an article. You can view it here. It's more interesting than the title might suggest, but it's not one of my better posts. That leaves me wondering: what are they looking for?...more

Getting to the Corner of Luck and Hard Work

During the last few weeks, my young adult book has had a giddy-crazy burst of attention. In November and December I sent out query letters to literary agents about my book Freaks and the Revolution. Several wanted to read it. Last week, four offered to represent me and I made a choice between them.I have a literary agent. I haven't really been able to wrap my head around that yet....more
Kudos to you!more

What's Your Dream Job?

Hmm, I'd have a hard time choosing between being a buyer and an editor. Imagine being paid to either shop or read--does it get any better than that? Oo! Or a food critic! Getting paid to EAT!!! But then you might get fat or you'd really have to step up the workouts to keep up with the caloric intake...but it would be so worth it, right? Imagine eating (for FREE!) at all the finest restaurants and getting paid for savoring mouthwatering dishes you might never get to try otherwise...Yeah...I'd dig that job. ...more

Work like Picasso this year: Perfectionism be gone!

Yesterday I went to see the superb exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work at the New South Wales Art Gallery. I’ve never been a huge fan and only knew a little about him but thought it worth a look as the exhibit had come all the way from the Picasso Gallery in Paris....more

How to Work With Disorganized People

Just because you are brilliant and successful doesn't mean you are organized. Yet, there are many people who have to work well with you in spite of your inability to organize even the basics. Goodness knows I've worked with my fair share of you! So, how can you succeed when you work with the chronically disorganized? Try some of these strategies... ...more
THAT is a great topic and I really needed to read that right now. Thank you. :)more

The Power of Offline Marketing

With everything so accessible online, we never have to leave our home.  Seriously, we can have food delivered, all kinds of products shipped, we can google our way to finding the answers to our most burning questions and we don’t even have to get out of our pj’s to find love.  And our business?  Who needs to slap on lipstick, spend hours searching for the perfect outfit and head out to a local event?  You do! Yes, it’s true t...more

The BlogHer Consumer Electronics Study: How Women Shop for Tech

I can't believe I forgot to post this here last week when we released it. I guess I was caught in the CES whirlwind ....more