November 2011 Mini Goals

It’s time to think about November and what you hope to achieve. This month, in no particular order, I would like to; Add at least £450 to the travel fund Keep our grocery spending below £200 Lose 5lbs Add at least £700 to the move to Portugal fund Finish my Christmas shopping Visit a gallery or a museum Assess my clothing needs That’s it! What do you hope to achieve in November? (photo credit) ♥ Subscribe ♥ ...more

Mortgage Freedom: November 2011 Report

Our goal is to achieve Financial Freedom by December 2020; being mortgage free (as soon as possible) is part of that goal and every month  I track our progress. November 1st 2011 Mortgage Stats: ...more

2012 Budget – What we have so far

It may seem a little early but due to how we fund our bills account (20th monthly), December will be our first budget month for 2012 and so I’m getting the numbers ready.  Not a lot has changed from this year but we have big hopes for next year being our most budget conscious year yet.  As always our budget strategy is to reduce the essential expenses as much as possible and then add the fun things afterwards. And here’s what I have so far: I think it’s mostly self explanatory however I’ve made a few notes; ...more

Our Budget: November 2011

Okay here we go with our last budget of 2011.  Due to how M. gets paid (20th monthly) December's budget will be our first for 2012. I count our spending for the whole month (1st-31st) but mortgage payments are always the next month. So grocery spending etc is 1st December to 31st December but the mortgage payment is January 1st's  This way if I need to adjust the payment (increase or decrease) I can do without causing us a problem. Ughh! ...more

Menu Plan Monday (Cupboards first, shop second)

Before I get to this week's menu plan I must finalise Octobers grocery spending now that my store cupboard challenge has goal was to keep our grocery spending below £200! And I'm happy to report that due to all your support it worked; my grocery spending for October was......198.16!  Yay!  There's nothing like blogging a challenge to keep you on the straight and narrow....perhaps I'll do the same this month ;) Okay onto this week and my new grocery shopping strategy which is: 1) List the food in my cupboards/freezer 2) Menu plan from that list 3) Make a grocery shopping list 4) Shop that list 5) Cook and eat! 6) Stick to shopping once a week. ...more

November 2011 Net Worth Update + £1,067

I don't like to admit defeat but reaching our goal of £100k in 2011 is very unlikely! It was always going to be a struggle when we dropped the value of our house, but at least the mortgage is going in the right direction - down!  The quicker we eliminate that debt the better. ...more

2011 Financial Goals Update #11

Wow November!  How did that happen?     We've already come up with our goals (and budget) for next year, and I'll share them once we get into December, before that though lets take a look at our progress in 2011. ...more

Grocery Spending #1 November 2011

And we're off and running with another month.  I've set the budget at £240 and the goal at £200 as I like need a challenge. (Only one picture as my camera decided to mal-function!) I went to one supermarket and here's what I bought; £1.20 Wholemeal bread 2 £1.20 Naan x 4 £1.00 Garlic bread x 2 £1.74 Milk x 6 pints ...more

Saturday Link Love (Long Overdue Version!)

I just looked at my archives and I haven't done a link round up since early October - what? I'm slacking! Anyway here is just a random selection of the posts I have/had saved in my reader.... ...more

Free Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion, Crest Complete Toothpaste, Thermacare Heat Wraps: CVS Deals 10/30-11/5

Unfortunately I was only able to find a few good deals this week at CVS. You can get two Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotions and Crest Complete Toothpaste for free this week! For anything else on your shopping list this week, be sure to use the coupon data base to match up any available coupons: ...more