an ode to the bad managers of my past

Posts this week have included some reprints of older posts that I still love. This post concludes our reprints and was probably my favorite post ever. It was originally published on October 7, 2008. I never had a mentor. Once a boss promised to teach me how to manage people, but then she promptly disappeared to “work from home” for weeks on end and was never seen again ....more

10 secret advantages of the person who introduces the speaker

Especially around the time of political conventions, when coveted roles like the keynote are awarded to signal the future prospects of the speaker, I hear people say, ...more

I thought I’d have time…

Naively, I thought that as soon as my trio started full-day (8:30-2:30) preschool I’d have oodles of time on my hands.  I’d manage to get my work done, go for a run, shower, and still have time to have fresh .. ....more

Famous Speech Friday: Ai-jen Poo at the United States Social Forum

No offense to Barack Obama, but it's Ai-jen Poo who has been called the "rock star of community organizing ...more

De-Cluttering the Box Room {Again!}

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Hello! We’re back from Portugal happy, relaxed and ready to get going on the house projects we still need to complete. The back of the house building work is done, but the finishing off (plastering & painting), will have to wait until the whole area has dried out. The garden also needs work but this will have to wait until spring now. My son ...more

The Girl, She Is Going To School.

Tweet Pin It I was doing bento box lunches before they were cool. "But how?" You ask, and I excuse you your confusion because we both know that "cool" in not a word that has ever been remotely about me, my activities, or my interests. I've been doing bento box lunches ever since I've had kids who need to eat lunch regularly (pesky creatures), because - after all - "bento" is just Japanese for "sad little odds and ends ...more

Stock Piling or Hoarding? The Ugly Truth


hiring manager won’t give me colleague’s email address

A reader writes: I have an interesting situation. I was recently flown to another state for an engineering position. I met with 3 engineers, and one hiring manager. After the first interview with one of the engineers, I realized that I forgot to get his business card. So at the end of the day, I asked the hiring manager if she could send me his email address so that I could send him a thank-you, or follow-up, email. She very ...more

Learning to Live In the Moment!

Learning to live in the moment!I've worked for over 20 years; until now. I've always planned my HS I planned to go to Howard University and study law.  When that plan didn't go thru for various reasons, I had a back up plan and attended another college where yes, I majored in Pre-law/Economics... Bachelors degree...Next UC law school.But Life ~~~ LIFE STEPPED IN!! ...more
I think we are always on a journey towards self discovery. I am glad you found peace while you ...more