A Letter of Apology to All Stay at Home Moms

Stay-at-home moms work. Perhaps harder than anyone else. Here's a heartfelt apology to stay-at-home moms moms from an eternally sorry realist. ...more

We got a dog!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@thatginnagirl), you probably knew this already, but October 20th we adopted this darling little pup into our lives. ...more

Just Call Me “Political Pat”

Politics stress me out.  I will offer you an opinion on almost anything, except politics.  I attribute this to growing up with much older siblings who were (and still are) bitterly divided on politics.  My parents have very strong opinions as well and so somehow along the way I decided to only share my politics with the voting booth.  I DO vote in every election so please don’t think me apathetic, but when it comes to voicing my opinion I ...more

Wonderful Wednesday - Step Out on Faith - Start a Business

Wonderful Wednesday -it is wonderful to step out on faith and start a business.  According to the Bible, "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Each Wonderful Wednesday throughout the month of November will be dedicated to the idea of stepping out on faith and doing something big. Upcoming Wonderful Wednesdays will deal with creating  blog, writing an e-book, and stepping out into the unknown....more

10 Free Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints

Get 10 free holiday cards at TinyPrints.com when you use coupon code HOLIDAYCHEER at checkout through 11/13 ....more

Amazon Now Offering Month-to-Month Prime Subscription for Some

Wanting to take advantage of what Amazon’s Prime membership offers this holiday season but not sure about shelling out $79 all at once? ...more

An Aldi store tour, some guacamole, and a prize for me (whaaat?)

On our second day in the Chicago area, the other bloggers and I had a tour of an Aldi store with a regional vice president. I figured I probably wouldn’t learn much, since I’d had a similar tour last year, where we learned about all the ways that Aldi cuts costs by being efficient.  Efficiency is a large part of what helps them provide low prices without skimping in quality ....more

How Working From Home as a Blogger Happened

I am often asked how I started working from home as a writer, because many of us that blog have that goal in mind. The dream of doing what you love, from home, and being paid for it. I know .. ....more

How writers can survive (and work) during a storm

Hurricane Sandy blacks out lower Manhattan, Oct ....more