Who actually says this anymore?: "Social media doesn't need ROI"

When this article in BrandWeek showed up on my Google alert, I was pleased to see one more mention of the Trop 50 campaign BlogHer did with Pepsi in their pages. BrandWeek has consistently pointed to that campaign as an innovative example of social media engagement in action. But the opening two paragraphs gave me pause, including this statement: Is all this Tweeting, blogging and Facebooking paying off? For some proponents, the question is irrelevant. They agree with the view encapsulated in the social media bible The Cluetrain Manifesto -- markets are conversations. Companies have to participate in the conversations where they're happening, ROI be damned. Their dismissal of metrics is summed up in an oft-repeated question, "What's the ROI of putting on your pants on in the morning?" ...more

They have a name: Outboarders!

Hat tip to Maria Niles, who pointed me to this NY Times article about the conference phenomenon: Outboarders. Companies that don't sponsor an event, but instead try to book space near the event and lure people to their space. "Outboarders" is kind, since I've also heard them called "leeches" or "ambushers". As BlogHer Conferences have grown this has become an actual issue for us, one I never would have anticipated. I guess because I was never an event planner before, eh? In a way, it's comforting to know it's a known and apparently increasingly common problem. In a way, that doesn't make it better at all. ...more

Lisa Stone on "Success with Moira Forbes"

Check her out...she says a lot in just 3 minutes: ...more

Lisa Stone on Press:Here

When it rains, it pours. So here is Lisa on local tech news show, Press: Here. This show follows Meet the Press on NBC on Sunday mornings. I started a season pass ot the show once we landed Lisa the spot on it, and I think it's a season pass I'll keep. Host Scott McGrew shares the interviewing with different panels of local tech and business journalists, and interviews local business folks including, now Lisa, representing BlogHer. I hope the show sticks around, it's really targeted and relevant for me. And now, here's Lisa: ...more

Me, on the SocialMediopolis BlogTalkRadio show

This morning I was on the SocialMediopolis BlogTalkRadio show. SocialMediopolis is a pretty huge community of social media marketing folks who confab on LinkedIn (and obviously BlogTalkRadio). Check it out: Me on SocialMediopolis I share some of BlogHer's origins, and some thoughts on getting funding, using blogging for marketing purposes and other typical tasty treats...all on SocialMediopolis. [Yeah, I'm just trying to see how often I can work in the word SocialMediopolis.] ...more

Last day for earlybird pricing for Newcomm Forum 2010 | Newcomm Forum 2010

Today is the last day to get earlybird pricing for Newcomm Forum 2010, this April in San Mateo. And if you use the code NCF100 you get an extra discount on top of earlybird. NewComm has been around since 2005...in fact it's where I met Jory Des Jardins! This year I'm speaking on new media business model in a session entitled "Cutting Out the Media Middle Man: Next Year's Media Model Today". I'm really excited to talk about how BlogHer gets community journalism initiatives, like the Women of Haiti or our health care reform series, paid for. And also about how social media presents the same opportunities to brands, non-profits, organizations of any kind really. ...more

Yes, that's me using the word "totally" on Portfolio.com

Hmm. Now if only I had only used the words "dude" and "awesome", the quotes from me in this Protfolio.com article would have hit the Silicon Valley trifecta of over-used words :) Actually, I'm pretty sure I did use the word "awesome" at least once, so I'm grateful that columnist Romy Ribitzsky spared me. The article gives advice to budding entrepreneurs...which honestly I had never planned to be. But sometimes you get overtaken by what it turns out you love to do. And that's the best piece of advice I personally give in the article: Better make sure you start a company that does something you love...because it will consumer your life. Uh huh. Sounds totally right. ...more

Some fun speaking gigs coming up

I have a couple of fun speaking gigs this month...one a new, first-time event, and one a stalwart that's having its sixth year, just like BlogHer. ...more

Do you use video as part of a marketing strategy?

If so the Society for New Communications Research wants to understand what, why and how you're doing. You can take the (very manageable) survey here. (Disclosure: I'm a Founding Fellow of the SNCR.) Doesn't matter if you're part of a B2B, B2C or non-profit, they're interested in learning more about video as a marketing and storytelling device for organizations. Here's the brief that accompanies the survey: Research Project OverviewThe Organizational Use of Video Storytelling will address the following questions: How are organizations using and disseminating video today?Who are the primary audiences for organizational storytelling using video?What are primary reasons driving organizations’ video strategies, and how big a priority is it? ...more

Check it out, I'm in the first (business) Twitter Book!

Or at least I think it's the first. Marketing Diva Toby Bloomberg invited me to be part of an odd little project that happened to turn out pretty cool: Social Media Marketing GPS: A Guide to Social Media 1 Tweet at a Time It's a free e-book, downloadable form Box.net, and she's gotten a slew of interesting social media practitioners to participate, tweeting on subject from Blogger Relations (my topic) to ethics, metrics and both strategy and tactics. You can read the chapter run-down over on Toby's introductory post. ...more