I Swam...

I'm often complimented by people who provide flattery on my coping mechanisms. They ask, "Girl, how do you keep it all together?" Little do these people know that "keeping it together" is a task and just because I dress well and seem calm on the outside doesn't mean I'm screaming on the inside. I've decided a long time ago that I would live my best life despite whatever what's put in my path. We've all experienced unfortunate events but what are you going to do about it? Dwell on it? Run from it? or learn from it?...more

tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

It’s tiny answer Tuesday — seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. Applying for a job that you applied to a year and a half ago ...more

I'm Going To Look Up Like I'm Surprised You're Standing There

Oh, hello, internet. I didn't see you come in. You see, I've been busy not wearing my girdle, making up an advent calendar that doesn't have twenty-four horrible chocolates in it, playing Hay Day, avoiding That Woman That Bosses My Kids Around While I'm With Them on the walk to school and back, reviewing our insurance, working (and working and working) on our budget, getting Pintesty, and... (Read More) ...more

Online Customer Service Matters

Are you acting as your own worst enemy and chasing away customers without even realizing it? Arecent studyfound that of those surveyed, 82% had stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer experience. Maybe you had no idea that your stagnant Facebook page sitting there collecting dust could be upsetting your fans! ...more

Am I a scientist? What is a scientist?

I have a PhD in Medical Genetics - but I no longer do wet lab research. Can I call myself a scientist?...more
You can work, study, and spend time with family!! http://getpaidrightnow.tumblr.com/post/37411585869more

I can’t stay focused at work!

A reader writes: Do you have any tips for concentration or productivity in the office? I’m more than a year into my first full-time position in marketing, and I’m either experiencing burnout or a newfound case of ADD. My company is small, and sometimes I get to the office and am alone for several hours of the day. I seem to get sucked into checking blogs, wanting to sleep, texting friends, thinking about coffee breaks, etc. I put off my ...more

Want to Get Ahead? Flirt!

Wow, so it has been confirmed. Flirty females are more likely to gain negotiating mileage and get ahead in their careers. Does that mean the rest of us (those not perky like unicorns and rainbows) are screwed? Not so fast... ...more
@elisa freschi It is definitely dangerous advice. What is interesting is how or why the ...more