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Wintry Days with Emily

In the course of courses in graduate school, I lived through New York State winters. Because I have been imprinted with the snowflake horror of shoveling monotony from October to Memorial Day, at the first snow fall, which happened for about twenty minutes today here in Washington, D.C., I feel compelled to enter into a seven month, self-imposed monastic existence. I become contemplative, make hot tea and ponder things. Great things. They must be great because I am pondering them.For instance, these poems by Emily Dickinson.......more
I love all of this! @SunbonnetSmart.commore

Are You Pushing Potential Clients Away (Subconsciously)?

Could it be that you are pushing your clients away but don't even know it? Our subconscious has a big effect on all our results. What we believe is what we receive. Check out this post which gets beneath some of the most frustrating problems entrepreneurs face in attracting clients. ...more
Just like dating. RT @BlogHer Are You Pushing Potential Clients Away (Subconsciously)? ...more

Have You Fallen Off Track Already in 2012?

Are your big plans for 2012 starting to dissolve already?  You're not alone. When it comes to goals, as reported at LifeHack, "After a few weeks or even days, our enthusiasm dies down, and that spark of inspiration becomes a memory. We know what the goal is, but we no longer have that passion burning inside us and our momentum grinds to a stop."...more

Applying to Irish Universities

When I pictured my son Logan going off to college next year, I comforted myself that he would come home on weekends and summers to do laundry, borrow money, and raid the fridge. Moving to Ireland complicates this vision. Logan is as excited and eager as I am to move to Ireland but there's a hitch: Only minor children under the age of 18 are eligible to move under their parent's visa or Irish Green Card....more

What is YOUR Best Business Tip? Share, Share...We want to Know!

Entrepreneurs are constantly learning, growing and trying new things in their business....more

One Shot - the elevator pitch, your 2 minute commercial and how the Resume / CV has changed

If you’ve been out of the job hunt for a while, you should know that the rules have changed in this competitive climate – on both sides of the Atlantic.  What follows doesn’t just apply to landing that next job....more

12 Women's Words for 2012

Isn’t it always the trend to start the New Year with great goals, aspirations and overwhelming motivation?  When the calendar reads January 1, we all attempt to start a new chapter in our lives, may it be as insignificant as making the bed every morning or something more substantial, like starting a new business.  Regardless, as the year moves forward, we may find that the momentum starts to fade, which is why you should bookmark this post.  Use these twelve slides as motivation to keep working toward your goals. ...more

3 Word Theme for 2012

Goals are great...but a theme and internal focus for the year is much better (at least based on my expertise and opinion). That is why I love this post about 3 words for 2012. It becomes a mantra, touchstone, and practice for the year and helps guide everything you do. What are your 3 words? ...more
Oooo! I like this idea! Right now all I'm coming up with is 'make' and 'reduce'. But I think I ...more

Moving On in 2012 - 3 SIMPLE STEPS FOR CHANGE!

So, its been a while since I’ve been able to blog, what can I say…it’s been a rough year. I’m super excited about moving on in 2012 and making some permanent adjustments to make life easier. I’ve done a complete makeover on my life and self in order to move on from the past..I’m loving my new shorter sassy hair do, my home has been redecorated and revamped, my body is going back to a state of normalcy (just got done breastfeeding) and I have a really good outlook/state of mind....more
Yep, these are some simple ways to get back in the game, feel better about yourself and to get ...more