Mondays Break My Working Mom Heart

My son is a fairly well-adjusted child. We went through somewhat of a whiney, clingy transition back to work after summer vacation, but for the most part, he loves his Abuela and the one-on-one attention he gets at her house .. ....more

Grocery Spending #1 October 2012

I have a £200 budget for grocery in October and every week I'm tracking my progress. A new month and a new grocery shopping routine. One big shop followed by a weekly small shop for fresh items. Will it work? Who knows?! And of course when I said big shop, I meant really BIG SHOP! I spent what is quite possibly the most I've ever spent in one go at the supermarket: £93.21! I did buy a lot of meat, ...more

Thrilling Thursday - What Happens After a Business Fails

Thrilling Thursday - it is thrilling to know that  good things are still possible after a business fails....more

Start Sleeping, Reduce Stress, Stop feeling Overwhelmed

As a life coach I work with my clients to find tools that fit their needs so they can create the life they love. One of the tools I love to introduce to people is meditation. I love it so much that I've decided to start offering meditation classes.  ...more

What if your biggest stumbling block is you?

What if you have done something and you think you can’t surpass it? You replay it all in your head – all that glory, all that attention – and you panic. No, it is not possible for you to do something like that again. And then you wonder what possessed you at that time, what [...] ...more

can we make staff retreats more useful?

A reader writes: I wonder if you have any tips on organizing good, effective “away days” or staff retreats ....more

Mobile Security: Tips for Using Personal Devices at Work

Businesses in all forms operate under numerous business regulations. Small businesses such as finance healthcare, or one where a fine might be imposed if a data breach occurred need to recognize mobile security as a fundamental layer of yours or your company’s information security process.Mobiles are smartphones and used for ecommerce for consumers and they are used for business tasks as Point of Sales to process credit cards or make payments....more

Technology Fuels Cyberbullying and Cheating in Teens

McAfee’s study “The Digital Divide: How the Online Behavior of Teens is Getting Past Parents” shows an alarming 70% of teens have hidden their online behavior from their parents, up from 45% in 2010. And yet half of parents live under the assumption that their teen tells them everything he/she does online....more