Federal Investigators Bust Credit Fraud Ring

A federal investigation dubbed “Operation Open Market” recently yielded 19 arrests in nine states, for crimes including identity theft and counterfeit credit card trafficking. The defendants allegedly participated in “Carder.su,” a Las Vegas-based transnational ring that bought and sold stolen personal and financial information and manufactured counterfeit IDs and credit and debit cards in order to commit fraud....more

Devising a Family Emergency Action Plan

Tragedy happens. Mother Nature, manmade disasters, accidents and freak occurrences require families to have some form of emergency action plan or evacuation plan.  The best defense to aver tragedy is having systems in place.The Red Cross is known for their disaster response strategy and they have put together a comprehensive list of steps to take:Create a Family Emergency PlanMeet with your family or household members.Discuss how to prepare and respond to emergencies that are most likely to happen where you live, learn, work and play....more

Addressing Doubts

It happened last night. I had that dream again. You know, the one that signals that there’s something going on in my life I need to address. It’s the dream that keeps reoccurring again and again. Maybe the characters and settings are different from the last time, but the basic premise is the same. ...more

Having It All (or Not)

Originally posted on www.moderndaypearls.com....more

Women: Toot Your Own Horn & Earn More

Women don't like to toot their own horn (as a general rule). Instead we'd rather work harder and then seethe when no one notices and we get passed over for the promotion, client, etc. In this article facts combined with practical tips will get you out of the shadows and into the habit of talking about your brilliance. ...more
Close mouths don't get fed. So women need to toot away. Speak up. It may surprise you what you ...more

5 Social Media Lessons I Learned from my Mom

  My mother is not a big social media user.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that her internet use is confined to occasionally entering sweepstakes and spying on my sister through Facebook.  But what she lacks in social media savvy she more than makes up for with homespun commonsense wisdom that can often go forgotten in our increasingly loud, complicated and fast paced digital world. 1)  Kill them with kindness...more

Forget Airbrushing: Be Part of America's Best Parenting Magazine

I discovered Mamalode by accident. If you had told me, as I tore out of Montana for college at age 17, that one day writers from New York City to Silicon Valley, from Alaska to Florida, would be agog over a parenting magazine being printed right under their noses in my hometown, Missoula ... ... well, I'd have accidentally spilled my pop on your face....more
Wonders of great publishing.Best wishes, Rogermore

Motivational Tips For Writers

Most writers feel their motivation slipping away from time to time.  Next time it happens to you, feel free to pick any one (or more) of my personal top twenty motivational tips for writers, and see if you can’t wrestle your writing motivation back into line. Write about what you love The best motivation is intrinsic. Trick yourself (if you need to) by not even planning to write something for publication....more

On House Repairs

Okay so the estimates/quotes came in for the repair works needed to the back of our house and they average between £3,000 and £4,000.....around the amount we were expecting, which is good as we didn't want a BIG shock! Now we just need to pay for it! For cash flows sake we are putting most of the July mortgage overpayment on hold - the builder we've chosen hasn't come back to us with a start date yet, but we ...more