Marriage and Money

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Pancakes asked me whether J and I were on the same page about money before marriage. Short answer: yes. Long answer: see below. Finances is the #2 reason why couples get divorced nowadays (second to poor communication, which I’m sure results in financial problems). And I believe that. I mean, when you take two single individuals with two single individual spending habits, it’s bound to be a little shaky once you combine them. That’s ...more

chocolate chips = frosting

TweetSharebar TweetY’all know about this, right? Pretend you’ve baked a cake or some brownies, and you’re either too lazy to make frosting or you don’t have time to wait for the cake to cool. (Frosting a hot cake is a sad, sad thing to do…the frosting melts and runs and makes a mess. A hot mess.) It’s easy to picture not having time to wait for a cake to cool. People are always suddenly having birthdays, it seems. Birthdays ...more

Vertical Gardening Update: SUCCESS

We got home from our vacation just in time as these two lovelies ripened over the weekend. We enjoyed one with dinner last night and we will have the other tonight. The first one was tender and sweet and I suspect the second will be just as good. It seems like yesterday that I built my vertical trellis, but in reality it was back in May. I planted two cantaloupe plants back then and so far I have gotten ...more

A Little Help From My (Cyber) Friends

Okay guys. I need a really big favor from each and every one of you. I need some good energy coming my way.I don’t care if you pray, chant, bow, mumble to yourself, worship the porcelain toilet… whatever. IT DOES NOT MATTER....more

....."You Grow Old Because You Stop Laughing"

Today, while in our every Tuesday morning sales meeting, my mind began to wander; taking me back to an incident that happened last Winter. Sitting in the meeting that cold January day, while fiddling with my necklace, I realized I had my turtleneck sweater on backwards.  So, I waited until the meeting ended and slipped off to the restroom to remedy the situation.  Only we women can relate to this....more

Set a Standard of High Expectations With Accountability

Advice for Women in Leadership Professional ball teams with a chance of getting to the championship set high performance standards for their team members. It is imperative that professional women in leadership positions do the same in business. It has been my experience in consulting with organizations the past seven years that few business leaders are consistent enough in communicating job performance expectations....more

Moving Forward After Losing a Job - Part I

Career Transition You’ve packed up the cardboard box, returned the ID badge, written down all of your passwords and hugged necks and shook hands around the office. The HR person is closing the front door behind you and the parking lot looks lonely. Now what? Losing a job is like buckling into the last car for your first roller-coaster ride. Over the next few weeks or months, your emotions are going to plummet and soar again and again....more

Tips & Tricks: A Lesson in Relevance

My students have to write a personal narrative during the first unit. Instead of diving head first into writing, I thought we'd take a day to explore who the kids are before asking them to write who they are. How? With music. I gave my students homework last night to bring in a song that describes who they are as a person. Today, we used those songs during our lesson. ...more

Apply with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the top social networking sites targeted specifically to the professional-focused individual and business. No games or updates on what someone had for lunch, the focus is on professional resources, activities, and connections. That is why it is a unique and first of its kind development to the new "Apply with LinkedIn" button to company's job postings. Learn more about this developing tool in this post and video. ...more
I think this is a great idea. The online job application process is in real need of ...more

Do I Need an Agent?

   I am wondering if  there are any merits to getting an agent and/or a traditional publisher anymore. The more posts I read about how we as writers have to promote, promote, promote the more I wonder what agents do. I’m going to guess that they have connections I don’t have to big name publishers, but then what?...more
You and I are in the same rocky boat! I HAD an agent. A terrible agent who did nothing at all ...more