You fix toasters, not people

“So, do you think I can fix him?” asked my client. Her tone was hopeful, eager. Her face fell as I answered, “No, you can’t fix him. You can help, guide and point the way for him but only he can fix himself.” It’s easy to fall into the quicksand of believing you can fix others. Perhaps [...] ...more

The Breakup

One awkward thing about treatment is, what do you do when you've outgrown your therapist? I mean, it's great, they probably helped you a lot. So how do you end treatment with them?...more

Friday Rant—Double Dose

I missed last Friday’s rant but don’t worry…this week has brought a couple of thoughts.  They’re unrelated but I think we can all relate ....more

Past Olympic Stars: Where Are They Now?

Being an athlete of Olympic caliber is an all-consuming task. For many, the Olympic Games is a culmination of years (if not decades) of sacrifice and training for that one moment in time. Singular focus is what it takes. Then in an instant, a career, an entire lifetime, and then that identity is over. It just ends. Sometimes with gold and a fanfare, other times with simply memories and the honor of having competed. Then what? ...more

Famous Speech Friday: Debbi Fields on Building Your Small Business

First, a warning: this famous speech will make your mouth water. There's lots of talk about chunks of melting chocolate, the smell of cookies straight from the oven and how much butter is too much butter ....more

Blogiversary Winners!

It's time to give away some prizes!!  Using a random number generator, I picked a winner for each of the four prizes.  I'll list the winners below, then, if you have won, send me an email at with your name and address.  I'll send your prize right away! This is kind of fun! Ok, the winner of Prize #1 the Navajo-style Owl Necklace from Modcloth: ...more

How many kitchen tools do you really need?

So, while I was away on my top-secret vacation recently, I got to visit my favourite store of all: Williams-Sonoma. I feel like if Williams-Sonoma was actually my kitchen, my life would be basically complete. Can this be my kitchen, plz? KTHXBYE It's amazing how you can go from being content with like, a paring knife and a spatula, and then one trip to this store leaves me realizing that my kitchen would be incomplete without about two dozen ...more

Wear Red for Bigger Tips

A new French study is hot in the news at the moment. It seems that men tip waitresses more when the waitress wears red. Female diners either tip the same, or possibly a little less. The conclusions in the study state that waitresses stand to make as much as twenty six percent more tip money when they wear a red shirt or red lipstick. If you work in a restaurant that has a specific uniform or does not allow ...more

Does your business have a talisman? Would someone recognize it?

When I visited Branscome's Grocery in Blue Ridge, TX, a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the attention to detail through the store. This store is family-owned and operated and the only grocery in town. It's part lunch counter, part convenience store, and part full-service grocery with a deli and a meat-cutting area. Each area of the store was loaded with interesting detail and either products or memorabilia. Proprietors Randy Branscome and Aaron Branscome (father and son) ...more

GCC Recipe Swap

We drink lots of iced tea around here during the summer  Normally I make it on the stove top  and cool it in the fridge.  But recently I picked up one of these little doohickies and now I'm in tea heaven.  I really thought, "Tea's easy to make, why the heck would anybody use one of these things?"  But Ican't even believe how fast and easy it is.  I've been making about three pitchers a week ...more