Moving Essentials

Now that we're planning to move in about three weeks, we're starting to contemplate all the necessities of moving. Unfortunately, since we're on a budget, we can't justify a million new household items for the new space. However, I am starting to compile a checklist of things that will be MANDATORY: 1. New Toilet Seat Nothing makes me feel more at ease then knowing the only bottoms to touch my toilet seat are mine and BF's. I didn't get this idea until maybe six months into our first apartment. Once we put in the new seat, which was very reasonable from Home Depot, I felt like I finally had my own personal bathroom! 2. New Coffee Table ...more

Taking Advantage of Points, Perks and Special Offers

I constantly get bombarded with special deals, junk mail offering me 0% interest rates, mileage programs and so on that I usually just rip up and throw away. However, I've devised an interesting "system" for spending money for school that seems to be beneficial to me and harmless as well. I had to pay $6,500 towards my school semester tuition this month, and although BF urged me to pay it in "cash" aka, with my debit card, I knew it would be a better idea to put it on my credit card. My credit card pays out one point for every dollar I spend, and sometimes more than that for certain things, like food purchases or entertainment. So, I just banked 6,500 points with my credit card! ...more

You really can get a deal for almost anything

I admit it, I am not an extreme coupon-er. I won't save 500 circulars or go dumpster diving to get more Sunday newspapers. But, what I will do is scour the Internet to find the best deal, compare and contrast costs, and try to get everything I need for the cheapest deal possible! Since I began my journey to get out of debt, I've rarely bought things for "full price" and I will only do it if there is literally NO WAY for me to get something for cheaper. Case in point: I bought a full-priced Roku about three weeks ago, after exhausting all forms of internet discounts. In the end, it just wasn't going to happen. So I sucked it up and paid $70 full price for it. But, it was one of those purchases that are "worth it in the long run" because BF's Playstation 3 has been seriously unreliable lately and we've been unable to take full advantage of our Netflix Instant subscription. Anyways. ...more

Life Lesson: Do Your Homework!

I'm not referring to your school homework, however, you should do that too! I'm talking about, look into EVERYTHING. If something doesn't seem RIGHT, hound people until they FIX IT! Case in point: when I was accepted to nursing school, I thought I'd be transferring 60 credits from my first degree/post-bach classes. The financial aid officer @ my school, however, told me I was going to technically be a "sophomore" at my college. That didn't seem right to me, but I waited it out until I saw the outcome of my transfer credits. Low and behold, I'm a Junior, just like I thought. "Who cares?" you might say. Well, I CARE specifically for my federal loans. They come on a scale, depending on your grade level. Independent Sophomores can get up to $10,500 a year, while Independent Juniors get $12,500 a year. ...more

Moving Checklist

Well, it's official, BF and I signed our lease on Friday! Our new landlord is letting us move in a few days early, so our official moving date will be Saturday, August 27th, but we'll probably stretch out the process for a few days. My mom is helping me do a total clean on Saturday and BF's twin brother is helping us move the "big stuff" on Sunday or Monday. I can't believe we're finally leaving our wonderful apartment. It's been more than four years, and I've loved every minute of living in the City. But, it's time to move on, and I feel like we are upgrading! So now that we really and truly are "in" with our current place, I've got a lot of things to plan for, hence, a moving checklist! The top things I need to plan for -Change my address -Update driver's license and car registration -Patch holes in the walls of our current apartment -Buy new coffee table for new apartment ...more

Last week of work....EVER!

I think I am slightly delusional, but at this moment, I don't have any feelings about my last week of work. I'm happy, don't get me wrong, but I just sort of feel neutral about it. Two weeks ago, my boss very unprofessionally introduced me to my "replacement" that they had hired on the spot, and I felt embarrassed and angry. And a little jealous? At that moment I realized I still was a little attached to my job, and sometimes, especially when you are making big changes, it can be really hard to commit and follow everything through. The process of going back to nursing school has been long and drawn-out, mostly because I had to spent a year and a half taking part-time classes in order to be accepted into a program. During that time, my goals seemed so far away, and in some ways, just like a dream. Now, I'm starting classes in two weeks and moving in one week, and everything has become SUPER REAL. ...more

Putting a "Lifetime Warranty" to the Test

Hmm...I wonder what's in this package? When I emailed my mom this photo, she knew immediately what it was: my J.A. Henckels Chef Knife! ...more

The eagle has (finally) landed!

Well, after a tumultuous few days, BF, cat and I are FINALLY settled into our new apartment! We had planned to do our move on Saturday, but thank you Hurricane Irene for ruining all our plans! We were all packed and ready to go, but my parents, who were our only helpers, told us that we couldn't try to move the day before a crazy hurricane. I was upset to have to wait out the storm in my completely packed apartment, but in hindsight, a leisurely (somewhat, at least)move on Monday was a better choice. ...more

Shufflin' Money

Well, it's been five days in our new apartment, and BF & I feel almost totally settled in! We've gotten everything finally unpacked and set up. The only thing left to do is hang some pictures on the wall and convince BF to paint! It was a super hectic week of no cable, no internet, and running around like crazy to get all the little things done that needed to be taken care of. There are just a few last loose strings to tie up, but for the most part, we are in like flynn just in time for Labor Day Weekend! Some fun updates: ...more

My Updated Budget

Since I received my last paycheck this past Friday, it has really hit home that I will be without a full-time income for the next two years. Luckily I have made good connections through my old job and through my time as a college swimmer, and have a few things lined up for me. I met with an old college coach of mine, who is now the college coach at my new school. Unfortunately I can't swim for them on a scholarship, but I can do the next best thing: work as a lifeguard at the pool! I am meeting with a club coach this Wednesday to get my lifeguard re-certification and talk about part-time coaching opportunities with the youth team. I probably won't be able to start a full work schedule until Mid-September or October, because the pool is being closed for two weeks to shoot a movie! Very swanky indeed. I've also agreed to do some part-time graphic design for my old company, which probably will bring in an average of $60/week. ...more