Looking for Freelance Gigs? 5 Groups That Can Help

Vblogging is considered the new hotness for social media, because videos give people another way to consume content and searchengines love them. I’m experimenting with vlogging, so I created the video below to share some tips on finding freelance clients. ...more
Do you have any tips on establishing relationships with advertising or marketing agencies? What ...more

Business Leadership: Leading with Social Responsibility

Over the last several years that I've been working with business owners, entrepreneurs and those seeking to begin their own businesses, there seems to have been an underlying theme revolving around leadership....more

Giving Away Your Personal Power – And Taking It Back

This is the second post in the Take Back Your Power series of post...more

An Awkward Business Moment or “I’ll Spot You!”

I had breakfast with Lee Bogner of Marden-Kane Inc. and Paul Biederman of Redesign talking about the Social Media Club of Long Island (SMCLI).  I founded the Long Island chapter several months ago and because of the strong board, we have grown tremendously....more

Working Just for the Money? What's the Point?

[Editor's Note: Check out this excellent post on working just for the money versus working for a purpose. Given the work I do as a coach, you can imagine where I fall on the scale (hint: working just for the money is a fast path to misery). The Everyday Minimalist has some great things to share on her view in a direct, practical, and humorous way. - Paula G] ...more
I work to support my family. If I was independently wealthy or won the lottery...I would not ...more

A Book Review: Social Media Judo

I am a social media enthusiast and read a lot of books on the subject. Social Media Judo – The essential guide to mastering social media and delivering real results for your brand, by Chris Aarons, Geoff Nelson and Nick White with Dan Zehr, is one of the better books I have recently read. The book provided real concrete information on how to change behaviors and motivate consumers to buy your products via social media....more

Announcing the BlogHer ’11 Mobile App

It’s an historic day in BlogHer Conference history (and one that I’ve been anticipating for a very long time now) – the debut of the BlogHer ’11 mobile application for iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry! ...more
Great job on this app! I feel all organized and ready for my trip. It has the best functionality ...more

Let's Support Each Other Unconditionally! The Lame Myths of Feminism

[One of the frustrating things about feminism is its unspoken but often confusing set of rules. Should a feminist always pick up the check? Can a feminist be for abortion and against raising the debt ceiling? And what about botox? J. Maureen Henderson at On the Ground Floor rails against three myths that need to die.--Mona] She writes: Last year, I wrote a piece on feminist mythbusting for young men. At the time, I assumed women could take care of themselves when it comes to understanding and applying the big F in their working lives. ...more
No one expects men to support each other unconditionally.more

5 Things I’ve Learned During My First Month of Self-Employment

July 1, 2011 was my last official day at my former job. It gave me a steady paycheck, good benefits and the stability that comes with a regular job. The problem was that the longish commute was cutting into my time as the mother of a kindergartener and toddler. I found myself racing to get to work in the morning and then to the bus stop in the afternoons on most days. At work, I wasn’t doing as much of the copywriting and creative work I craved....more