Thoughts on Purchasing Discounted Gift Cards

A few weeks ago I purchased a couple of discounted gift cards from various daily deal sites. My goal was to save money at stores where I plan to shop for necessary baby items. I'm pretty particular about buying gift cards. For the most part I look to save at least 10%. I don't want to go through the hassle of auction sites just to save a dollar or two. I've been burned a couple of times by sellers who never shipped cards or who claimed they'd been lost in the mail. So if the deal isn't worth my time and hassle I'll walk away from it. ...more

Workin' 9 to 5

After 4 months of unemployment, uncertainty and self-doubt, I finally got a job. I am excited about the position and thrilled to finally be going back into the workforce.I am a little apprehensive about the idea of going back to work though.In resumes, in interviews, you put your best possible self out there. You have days or weeks to contemplate your wording at interviews, you have all the time in the world to check, check and recheck your resume....more

Giveaway from Doozy Cards

Do you like to send ecards to friends and family?  This week I am giving away a premiere membership to so you can send unique, creative ecards to others. is a family owned and run company that designs and produces all their cards in-house.  Each card is full of original music, cute characters and warm sentiments and is a great way to let a friend or family member know you are thinking about them throughout the year. Featuring Mariachi Pugs, Anniversary Swans, piano playing lizards, and dancing cakes, Doozy is sure you'll find just the rightcard for the right moment. The Premiere membership you can win includes:     •       Unlimited Access to ALL of their 1,600+ cards     •       A Birthday and Holliday Reminder System ...more

Term sheet advice for entrepreneurs from GigaOm

GigaOm features a good, nuts and bolts article on the Top 5 things you should know about term sheets today. They cite:1. Valuation2. Resetting vesting3. Liquidation preferences4. Protective provisions5. Expanding the options pool And they provide good basic info about what to expect and what to look for. I would only add this: When BlogHer was looking for its first round of funding, Lisa Stone and I met with entrepreneur Caterina Fake (she of Flickr and Hunch fame). She shared some timeless advice with us that I reference all the time, and cite as the single most useful piece of advice I ever got. Her advice was to prioritize: PeopleTermsValuation Meaning: ...more

Pumpkin Spice Cubes

For the last several weeks, I’ve been spending some time every few days preserving our garden harvest.  I’ve canned a few batches of tomato sauce, and this afternoon I’ll be roasting tomatoes to store in the freezer so that I can make this amazing soup during the winter when fresh tomatoes are scarce.  I’ve also frozen lots and lots of chard and turnip greens – I’m hoping that between the frozen greens and our cold frame, we won’t have to buy greens this winter at all.  We’ll see. One of my favorite preserving projects so far this fall has been pumpkins.  We grew a pie pumpkin plant this year, and our son helped me harvest these four beautiful little pumpkins a few weeks ago: ...more

Making Your Gas and Electricity Work For You

This is a guest post on behalf of First Utility. ...more

Menu Plan Monday {Simple Meals}

Back to it this week after missing a week because of our holiday and as I'm trying to lose weight, I've kept it very simple.  Fruit and veggies for me this week as I feel very unhealthy.  My sciatica is making me tired and lethargic (probably because I've haven't slept through the night for about 3 months), so drastic action is needed. I've got an orthopaedic appointment (at last) in October and hopefully this will bring about a solution.  Anyway enough doom and gloom.........I don't do miserable lol! :) :) ...more

Mortgage Freedom - Our plan

I've hinted at this before but not really told you what our plan is, but in 2012 hubby and I are doing a frugal challenge (his idea!) that will really set us on our way to mortgage freedom. I haven't worked everything out yet, but our initial plan is to increase our monthly mortgage over payments to £1,457.66, making our monthly payments £2,000. We're very lucky as this is being made possible by my husband receiving a promotion. He's worked really hard for the last two years and it's paid off as he starts a new job, which he's really excited about, in December.  The extra money will make this challenge possible as long as we don't become spending monsters.  Which can happen - we've proved it this month! ...more

Managing Our Budget: September 2011 Budget vs. Actual

Wow did the wheels come off this month!  It seems that I can go on holiday and stick to my cash budget but let me loose in town and I can spend, spend, spend.  I only went into our local town to get two pictures framed (which have been on my to do list for 4 years!!) and ended up buying pizza and new bedlinen as well!  Oh well it's done now and I'm really happy to get my pictures framed at last. We also had unavoidable expenses this month (boiler repair and car tyres for my daughter), so this makes the spending look worse than it is....I think! September Actual: ...more

Financial Goals for October 2011

I'm setting just four financial goals for October as I try to get back on track after spending way too much in September. (I posted these over at Move To Portugal earlier, along with my one non financial goal) ...more