how can I get an employee to solve problems on her own, when does my two weeks notice start, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. How can I get an employee to try to solve problems on her own? ...more

Women In Biz is for YOU!

Congress Is Not Just For Old White Men - Moms Can Serve Too

The recent primary election brought the usual flood of campaign literature pouring through my letter slot. I had nearly tossed the pile into the recycling bin when I noticed something AMAZING.There was a large color photo of a Hispanic woman holding two tiny kids. The text began “As a mother of two children…” and was an endorsement for quality pre-K. It hit me – SHE was the candidate, and she was claiming her identity as a mother in her campaign for the state legislature. Had I ever seen such a thing before? Had it ever HAPPENED before?...more
We need more women--mothers, grandmothers, lesbians, singles, aunts, wives, daughters, sisters. ...more

Why I Don't Feel Guilt as a Working Mom

As women and as mothers, we naturally carry guilt. Some more so than others maybe, but we all do it. At one time or another, we all have something that creeps up into our lives to make us feel guilty as parents. My biggest battle with guilt comes in the form of being a working mom....more

my office permits bad behavior under the guise of harmony

A reader writes: I’m in a new position in an academic administrative department. I got out of a toxic workplace in April, have a great new boss, and am in a newly created position – meaning I get to determine (with my boss) what kind of projects we’ll work on in the next year. Yay! ...more

why you need a vacation (even when there’s no time)

Americans notoriously receive less annual vacation time than other countries, on average – but did you know that we use less of what we get, too? A Glassdoor survey earlier this year indicated that the average U.S. employee only took 51% of their eligible vacation time in the last year and 15% didn’t take off any time at all! In fact, only 25% of employees reported using all of their allocated vacation days ....more

Top 6 Lunch Boxes for Back-to-School [BC Reader Faves]

I asked Baby Cheapskate readers about their favorite lunch boxes. Here are the ones that came out on top: Pottery Barn Kids Classic: Comes in two dozen colors and prints. Features zippered mesh pocket, food-friendly lining, and back strap for attaching to rolling back packs....more

Baby and Kid Deals at Target [7/20]

Thanks again to Christy at must-read site...more

Insufficient Height

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. They did start out with footwear. But the boots weren’t tall enough to keep out enthusiastic splashes in a puddle this deep ....more