Technical Difficulties

I’ve been writing my posts on Monday nights so I can publish them for everyone first thing Tuesday morning, but this Monday night my computer decided not to cooperate. I’m currently writing this from my iPhone but I plan on provided a full update once I get my computer up and running this afternoon, assuming (and hoping) it’s an easy fix ....more

Toys R Us Toy Clearance Blast [Plus Extra 20% Off with this Coupon]

Toys R Us running a big toy clearance blast in stores through the end of the month. Save up to 70% when you use this printable coupon. This post may contain affiliate links ....more

6 Freebies You Should Take Advantage Of At Work

I’m currently solely focusing on freelance projects...more

That’s One Way to Clear Out the Clutter

If you are looking for a good way to purge all of your possessions might I suggest a large remodeling job? In order for contractors to dig up our floor, build new walls and reconstruct a bathroom we had to remove each and every item we own from our basement. I began purging the stuff that was located down there many months ago, as part of my crazy nesting process, but when the contractors arrived a few weeks ago they began moving everything else out too ....more

articles of the month: January edition

This year, I'm trying to be more thoughtful about what I read and more deliberate of how I digest it. In other words, I want to shoot for more quality and less quantity in this age where I'll skim through 20 "articles" in one sitting but not really walk away with anything that truly shaped my thinking. So mindful consumption will be about sharing the 5 articles, posts or tidbits that resonated with me this month ....more

Coffee Break: Do You Go to Work on Bad Weather Days?

Photo credit: The Northeast is bracing for an apparently “historic” snow storm, and most likely a state of emergency will be in effect all throughout. However, there are many bad weather days when employees still have to trek through the snow, rain and other horrific weather to get to work. I remember talking to an ex-colleague of mine, who told me it took him 3 hours to get to his client in horrible winter weather, only to get there and be dismissed an hour later ....more

I’m not gonna sew bras. But hey! Gardening! Bread! Photography!

Hey there, guys! The Ultimate DIY bundle comes with a number of bonus offers, the most exciting being a free course from Craftsy. Craftsy courses run anywhere from $39-$59, so this course alone is worth more than the bundle price of $34.95 ....more

Interest Payments

It’s that time of year again….TAX time!!! Maybe some think of it as a “fun” time of year, particularly if you are expecting a refund (in which case…why are you doing that?? You’re essentially loaning the government money interest-free for a period of time! ...more

Work It: Ruffle Shoulder Pencil Dress

Ruffle Shoulder Pencil Dress – $64.43 – Photo: ASOS is having a great sale, hence toddy’s pick, this Paper Dolls ruffle shoulder pencil dress in a cream hue. I love the simplicity of this round neckline, V-shaped back dress, accented with statement ruffle trims. The high waist and slim belt are flattering (and forgiving), just as much as the slim fit is ....more