How to Save Money on Health Products

Hey Frugs! I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Dr. Oz Show ....more

The Word 'Expert' Doesn't Mean 'I Think I'm Better Than You'

See if you can finish this sentence, filling in the blanks: “My name is ________ and I’m an expert in ________.” ...more
I totally agree.  To claim you niche of expertise is to be a part of the conversation.  It is to ...more

Another Time Out…

Remember that I had planned a little “going away lunch” yesterday for my good friend who is moving cross-country? Well we went and had the lunch as planned and I treated, also as planned. I thought this was going to be my last time to see my friend for a long, long time ....more

BC Predicts: May 2015 Baby Bargain Forecast [Memorial Day Sales & More]

May?!? How on earth did that happen? Here are a few of the bargains and deals I expect to see this May: Pottery Barn Kids started the month off with a warehouse clearance sale last year with up to 60% off...more

About L. Bee (April 2015)…or Why I’ve Completely Been Phoning It In

April passed by in a blink, and sometimes I feel I’ve barely had enough time to catch my breath. It’s been good, but while a large part of me has felt really “on” and motivated in many moments, there are others where I feel like I’m completely phoning it in when it comes to my life, my work, and my relationships. Some may not have noticed it, but I’ve definitely felt it and I wanted to take a moment to address what has felt (to me) like a really big pink elephant in the room ....more

$10 Off $10 at Shutterfly [Plus Up to 50% Off Photo Gifts and More]

Get $10 off your purchase of $10 or more at Shutterfly with coupon code...more

Free 2-Day Shipping Plus 20% Off at Snapfish [Plus Deals]

Today’s the final day to place your photo book order at Snapfish using standard shipping and get it by Mothers Day. The shipping deadline for other photo gifts at has already passed, BUT you can get free two-day shipping on your order at plus 20% off. Use coupon code MOM2DAY...more

Limeapple + Costco

Usually on Thursdays, I post just one picture. But today I have a bunch because there’s a time-sensitive something going on at Costco! Limeapple is a small company dedicated to making high-quality activewear for girls ....more