Rewrite Your Job Description

What’s your job description? Not your title or that document outlining your daily tasks and requirements, but how do YOU describe the essence, attitude and outcome of your efforts “at work”? For me, it’s not really about ‘work’, ‘labor’, ‘duties’ or ‘tasks’. It’s more about embracing what I am called to do, realizing what I can’t and can do, and advancing those actions and that mindset in each and every encounter....more

Get in the Game!

I had someone recently ask me if I worry about coming off as bossy or aggressive when I work with men. I said, “No.” Having had the pleasure to serve on a few boards, committees and attend events with men, it is never really anything I think about....more

Three Common Small Business Culture Mistakes

The culture of an organization is often tied very closely to its success. And yet, it has been my experience that most small businesses are not very good at “that culture thing.” If you ask the owners of small businesses about the culture of their organization, many give you a blank look. Others tend to respond with the description of their personal approach: “I run my business based on good customer service.” Or, they just shrug and say, “I have good people and they work hard. We are small and don’t have a lot of time to think about things like culture....more

A Sincere Thank You!

A Sincere Thank You!Never ruin an apology with an excuse.  ~Kimberly Johnson...more

I See You

“Authenticity means exercising the compassion to know that we are all made of strength and struggle.”  Brené Brown, Gifts of Imperfection...more

Dr. Rutherford Gives The One Easy Technique That Can Save the Work-From-Home Parent!

I WORK FROM HOME AND HAVE A HARD TIME SEPARATING MY WORK-LIFE FROM MY HOME-LIFE.photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: I see this issue is becoming more and more prevalent as technology advances and more and more parents are able to work from home rather than going outside the home to work....more

Dear Baby (Wherever You Are)

Dear baby,Over the years, your face has changed – not just from the sweet rounded cheeks of a newborn to the angular face of a seven-year-old, but from face to face, of all the babies I have been privileged to know and hold. Your eyes have been blue, brown, green, grey. Your skin tone has ranged from dark to light. And the hair that I’ve buried my nose in while I rock you back and forth after bad dreams has changed from curly and soft to wiry to finest spun cornsilk.I’ve been lucky, because I haven’t gotten to just have one baby in my life. I’ve gotten to have many....more

Heroes of the City

Parent alert…. mommy alert….. There’s new product that my toddler and I was able to experience recently from the Heroes of the City collection. We were initially introduced to these awesome characters by way of a movie and toddler app a few months ago. In that, we discovered a new item that kept the attention of our little reader. It was colorful and nicely animated with lots of details and great depictions. The story lines were well put together and easy to follow....more

The Midlife Pursuit: What's My Passion?

Aside from stalking old boyfriends, I've learned a lot about myself through the quizzes on Facebook. For instance, the “Friends”character I’m most like is Monica because according to the quiz, “I’m a little uptight but a great friend.” Not surprising, I am a peach pie, not because I live in Georgia but “I’m cute, quirky and a bit of a smart ass.”...more
Thanks so much. You have plenty of time to figure it out...enjoy the journey.more

Order In the Courtroom Tour

As I embarked on the second leg of my book tour alone, I had time to reflect and meditate on the success and the things that were in store for the Baby, The Brand and The Business. I was especially excited about the invite to NYC to partially cover the American Black Film Festival as well as be a part of it myself. It was a surreal experience to know that the novel I gave birth to, had grown into a screenplay with the potential of hitting the big screen soon....more