Give and you shall not receive

I met with a mentor of mine recently to talk about work: my goals, challenges, aspirations, etc. Even though I love my job, it’s still the area of my life where I feel the most insecurity. However, my mentor threw me for a loop when he offered his advice:“It’s not really your job where you need help. That’s where you think you need help because it’s the most obvious to you. But what about your husband? Your family? Your friendships?”...more

10 Lessons Learned in my First 2 Months of Blogging


Are you doing the job you were created for?

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”  — Ephesians 2:10I came across that verse the other night and for some reason, even though I’ve read it many times before, it stopped me in my tracks.His workmanship.Created for good works.Prepared beforehand.That we should walk in them....more

Feeling “Stuck” in Your Job? Try This Technique and Feel Free in 2 Seconds or Less

One of my friends hates her job. Well, let’s be honest, most of my friends hate their jobs… but today, I’ll tell you about just one of them. Karina is an entry-level HR Analyst. She was really excited when she landed the job; it was her first full time job, she was finally salaried with benefits after many years of working in retail and food service. ...more

What I Learned From my First 6 Months of Freelance Writing

     I've been writing since I was a kid. Poems, stories, essays, you name it. In the last six months, I have finally gotten serious about it and started pursuing actual writing jobs and pay for my work. Here's what the last six months have taught me:...more

The Subtle but Sacred Difference between Action and Inspired Action

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” Benjamin FranklinI was in marketing for nearly 20 years. I worked for some small, niche companies as well as some of the largest, global corporations in the world. One thing remained constant: I worked hard; really hard....more

What the Wee Ones Taught Me: How Motherhood Made Me a Better Executive

Kids always ask, “Why?” first closely followed by “How?” as in “Why do we do things this way [brush our teeth up and down]” and then “How [does a tooth brush remove plaque]?” Sometimes these one word questions are asked with the bright spark of genuine inquisitiveness and sometimes with the not so subtle whine of “Why are you making me do this???”...more

Why Do People Get Away With Being Mean for So Long?

  “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. – Edmund Burke ...more

Plot Twist

As the wind blows, nothing stays the same. Always moving, always pushing, sometimes not in the direction you expect, but perhaps the direction you need.  The winds pushed me, Reader, right into a new direction. Tuesday was the end of my Tiny Town era....more

Grand Opening: 5 Things Every Business Should Have in Place before Opening

The first impression of your business after opening is very important. You want consumers to remember your grand opening as something memorable and free from problems. This is why you need to prepare carefully and not rush the process. Every business should have five things in place before opening.Integrated Inventory System...more