The Most Important Things You Need to Start Your Own Business

There’s a new wave of development among women at the moment. It’s a revolution that’s silently sweeping across nations of the world with an astonishing surge.It’s called entrepreneurship.Today, more than ever before, a larger percentage of women are leaving the corporate workforce to start their own businesses....more

5 Reasons LinkedIn is a Great App for Moms

Many mothers who spend time raising children also spend time making valuable contributions to their communities. Chances are, you know a mom who has produced a school play, organized a fundraising event, or volunteered for a youth activity. Add them up and these efforts demonstrate translatable skills for a resume. ...more
I do! I love it almost as much as Facebook!more

Pretending I don't hate the #NCA15 conference hotel

While waiting 30 minutes in line for coffee this morning (yes, seriously. And yes, it was worth it to prevent a headache), I got to thinking about the pros and cons of having a large communication conference in a small, old casino....more

Is It Go Time?

Over the past several weeks I’ve coached three entrepreneurs through their launches – that big day when they release a new piece of work into the world for the very first time. If you’ve never done this yourself you would not believe the amount of energy that must be summoned to actually push the GO LIVE button on a new website or to ship the first product or to send that first proposal. Even with careful preparation and high hopes, it takes everything you have to get off the starting blocks....more

Give Yourself Credit for Educational Accomplishments and Woo Potential Employers

By Marcia Powers, Career Coach at American Public UniversityEarning a college degree is a major accomplishment. After many semesters of hard work and dedication, you are finally able to reference your conferral when applying for new job opportunities....more

5 Tips for Nailing Your Singer/Songwriter Performances

Being a singer/songwriter is no easy feat. Until you can afford to hire a manager, agent and/or personal assistant, you’re really running a one-man (or one-woman!) show. It’s hard work, but you are determined to make it, so you give it your all. ...more

Clarity - the first step to achieving High Performance!

The world's highest performers have remarkable clarity about who they are, how they treat others and what life principles and practices keep them progressing and performing at their best. Today, we're going to work through these areas together....more

The Career Gal's Guide to Not Getting The Job

Perfecting the art of the resume is one of the most stressful part of the job hunt, and it’s something I am sure that we all have struggled with in the past. There is nothing more challenging than dealing with the stress of the job search, and trying to make sure that you dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. ...more

The Body Detective, NaBloPoMo Day 17

 "The Body Detective"...more

what to do about seminary?

About a week and a half ago, I spent the day talking about leadership with my colleagues. We sat in a circle, nibbling on chocolate mints and letting the unseasonably warm wind blow off the water and into the house.At one point, several of us weighed in on this question: Have you ever been thrust into leadership without sufficient preparation and perhaps to the detriment of those you were leading?...more
ABeautifulAdventure That's a helpful distinction -- that many folks abroad get the training ...more