6 easy steps to build your personal brand

People want to do business with people, not businesses. There is a sense of trust when someone is seeking assistance and they are able to get help from someone they can rely on. Sometimes people are only looking to feel like they matter, not like they are just another number or appointment for that day. People will choose to either do business with you or walk away by the way you make them feel. Your personal brand is what people see when they seek your services and you should present a great first impression.Discover your purpose...more

Blooming Entrepreneurial Business Ideas Developed from Side Jobs

Would you like to work on your own terms and create your dream business? Do you have the desire to start your own business, but you just can't find any rapidly growing entrepreneurial business ideas? Are you stuck between your day job and side hustles?...more

6 Reasons I Want To Be A Massage Therapist

I don't know how others do it, but I can't imagine myself ever working in an office! Maybe it's my age. ...more

What's in my head? Or the Novel that won't let me rest

When I tell people I am writing a book, the first question I get is what am I writing. My current work in progress is a novel of historical fiction set three hundred years ago in France. It is the first serious thing I have written. Along with that comes learning how to move the action along, how to stay motivated (ie not play on the internet) and how to edit. It is challenging in a few other ways too. Basically, I have jumped in the pool and am hoping I can stay afloat....more

The Rules of Writing

 The rules of writing are quite simple... There are two rules of writing as far as I am concerned....more

Familiar old boys network, will it ever end....

1. MCAD & Janice Switzer vs Office Max, Inc Switzer alleged that the “old boy network” culture of Office Max limited her opportunities for advancement as a woman. She claimed a lack of support from superiors, lack of training opportunities, and lack of appropriate credit given to her for successes; all of which were readily available to her male counterparts. Finally, she alleged that she was fired based on gender and not experience or output, as the company claimed....more

Learn 3 Tips For an Innovative Career and Life at #IYFSV15

Don't just watch innovation happening around you. Make it part of your career and life at the ninth annual Invent Your Future Silicon Valley Conference Tuesday, April 28th....more

Storytelling: May the force be with you!

In the Jurassic Period of schooling i.e. when I was a child, kids sat in military formation, row-upon-row of desks and chairs. We learned by rote memorization. Colouring outside the lines was forbidden. Creativity wasn’t encouraged. I was a chatty Cathy in kindergarten (chatty Amber doesn’t have the same ring to it)....more

A Natural Teacher

A coworker recently found out that I am not a "natural" teacher and, instead, I was a Criminal Justice major dreaming of a job like Dexter's. He was shocked. Most female teachers I know always dreamt of teaching and, if you judge a book by its cover, you wouldn't know that I love all things dark and creepy. Hell, a perfect date night for me is dinner and a horror movie. ...more