Acting & Pregnant... A mommy/actress' POV

Acting and Pregnant... A New Mom/Actress' POV...more

Mom brings home the bacon. (And the milk.)

My son was six weeks old when I returned to work. And I had the same thought every day when I dropped him off at day care:...more

10 Tips For Becoming Self-Employed!

Being self-employed isn’t for everyone, but for 23 years, it’s all I’ve ever known.  It can be very disheartening to wake up every morning and not feel like you are making your living from your full potential or following your heart. But, I truly believe that anyone can be happy with their career.  It may take some soul-searching and it may take some time, but the opportunity is there for all of us to be self-employed if we so choose.  Here are some tips I’ve learned along the path of self-employment. ...more

I just want to pee alone

So a girl walks into a bathroom (I know, you thought I was going to say bar, didn’t you) … not a swanky powder room, but a restroom – you know, like in an office building that houses roughly 3,000 of your coworkers on any given day. Yea. One of those bathrooms. One with twelve stalls, six sinks, a couple of full length mirrors and, for some odd reason or another, a scale....more

LEAVE YOUR MARK, by Aliza Licht: Book Review

  ARE YOU WILLING TO DO THE WORK? If you are looking to launch or re-launch your career, you will find no better advice and inspiration than that provide by Aliza Licht in her new book, Leave Your Mark. ...more

In Conversation with Christine Mendonca, Founder of Shore to Shore Advisory

In Conversation With is a series of interviews with prominent women that inspire, motivate, and intrigue me. These interviews originally appeared on SharpHeels....more

a journey to trust: work/life in the Midwest

As seen on Rebelle Society:  “Trust no one.” “Eyes behind the head.” “Listen to me: Get your head out of the clouds.” “Everyone is full of shit.”...more

That Person Who Bugs You Is Here to Teach You Something

 “Nobody shows up in your world except by your invitation” – Alan Cohen ...more


< Follow your dream!! Reach for the stars! Only you can make it happen! If you can imagine it, you can achieve it! Sound familiar? This is the kind of thing you see all the time in "feel-good" advice columns; advice that sadly is not based in reality.When I won an award and $6,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for one of my teen novels, I had the opportunity to speak to middle schools and high schools in the northeast. Many were inner-city schools and the students faced numerous challenges, both at home and in the classroom....more

Seven of the Deadliest Hiring Sins: Busted

Hiring too fast is a temptation; trust me, it certainly is! With the start-ups looking to make it big internationally and Big Data being a raging issue, the recruitment procedures are often thrown out of the window and compromised for those fast-paced alternatives, causing havoc in the long run....more