Lessons I've learned in Writing No. #1: Forget about Giving Up.

If there’s a central bit of advice I’ve heard or can give, it’s “Don’t Give Up.”  Don’t give up working, don’t give up trying, and don’t give up on anything if it gnaws at your soul.  If you want to put something new into the world, you have forget giving up. Successful people know, first hand, how hard it is to succeed.  The process involves a lot of failure and mistakes and they developed the fortitude to keep trying until they got it right. Once, I was disheartened to read F....more

43 Is NOT Too Old to Change

Several weeks ago, I blogged about change. It’s never too late to change. In that post, I talked about my husband Brooks, who is just started college at the age of 43. He’s pursuing his dream of becoming a chef. ...more

Childhood Dreams of Growing Up

Originally posted May, 2015, on Maybe There Will Be Cupcakes:    ...more

5 Myths That Hold Women Back From Job Advancement

The workplace can often be a tricky area for women to navigate. From accomplishments to challenges, no matter what industry in which women work, they tend to struggle when it comes to professional advancements, not specifically from a lack of interest or skill, but rather due to common myths. The following is a breakdown of common misconceptions that prevent women from obtaining success in the corporate arena:...more

6 Things to Do After a Blogging Conference

If you’ve ever been to a blogging conference, you’re probably familiar with the term “conference hangover.”...more
Jill, thanks for the post! This was the first time I attended BlogHer and I'm curious about ...more

Dream Job: Good or Bad?

Few days ago we went for drinks with our friends, and along with the topics of dogs, stupid people, dreams, travels and so on, we discussed dream job. And mostly there were two question: Does it exist? and Is it good?...more

Big Confetti Chocolate Chip Cookie

One BIG chocolate chip cookie with a hefty dose of sprinkles added for good measure. Pure delight!  Chocolate chip cookies are great but even better with colorful bursts of sprinkles in the dough! Recipe at  http://www.neveradullbite.com/2015/07/18/so-sweet-saturday-big-confetti-chocolate-chip-cookie/ ...more