Tips for Managing Freelance Burnout

Dear Dr. Romance: What is being a therapist like?

Q & A with a Dr. Romance reader:Q: I would like your advice and input. I have been working in business for 12 years as a CPA and have recently been quite  frustrated with it. Recently I did some career/interests/aptitude testing and found that the work I do now is pretty much what I am LEAST suited for! Lots of psychic energy spent being successful in this career.A: Yes, I was an accountant for 15 years, so I understand. It didn't make me happy, either....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I am a substance abuse counselor

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

In Conversation with Stefanie Mnayarji, CEO and CoFounder of Luxxie Boston LLC

  In Conversation With is a series of interviews with prominent women that inspire, motivate, and intrigue me. These interviews originally appeared on SharpHeels. ...more

How to Podcast Like an Expert

These Internet streets tend to get jammed and flooded with millions of ambitious content creators who are vying for attention. Some content creators seek the attention of brands, while others are looking to attract potential customers. With ADD on the rise and an estimated 200 million blogs in the blogosphere, building your personal brand can seem futile and intimidating. So what’s an upwardly mobile woman who is on a quest to build her empire to do?...more

Your Way is the Best Way, Right? Wrong.

 “The inferior teacher tells you that something is wrong with you and offers to fix it.  The superior teacher tells you that something is right with you and helps you bring it forth.” - Alan Cohen ...more

In Conversation with Tevis Rose Trower, Founder of Balance Integration Corporation

  In Conversation With is a series of interviews with prominent women that inspire, motivate, and intrigue me. These interviews originally appeared on SharpHeels.  ...more

Just call me Nancy Drew

I started my first full-time job back in the 'olden days', before computers and internet, even before fax machines (yes, I am that old!). As receptionist in the Academic Department at the Toronto Board of Education, my job was fielding phone calls and greeting visitors. I answered questions about schools, enrolment, summer programs, teaching positions, and anything else the public wanted to know....more

Why Are the Best Educated Mothers Not in the Workforce?

Houston, we have a problem.I came across a shocking statistic as I was putting together the latest edition of Mom-mentum's Advocacy eNews.  It brought me up short and sent off alarm bells.  I reread it, and reread it, and then read it again.  The longer I thought about it, the more my anxiety increased.  The sheer illogic of it stopped me cold. Female Graduate, Image Credit: Shutterstock...more
I'm a single mom of 4 children so the luxury of choice to work is not an option for me. Even so, ...more

Stop Trying to Keep Up

In today’s social media driven society so many details of personal lives are only a click away.  Our main form of communication and interaction with each other is through tweets, Instagram pics and Facebook status updates. Often motivated by number of followers and likes, we begin to put our lives on display as a status symbol. Showing off our red bottoms, newest Chanel bag, or our shiny new car has become the norm....more