Editors + Twitter = ?

Originally Published On Beyond Your BlogAs a someone who was a remedial Twitter user for some time, I’ve come around a bit and now see its value for certain things. It can be a good place to get information about publications I am interested in, and I follow quite a few editors for everything from submission calls/updates to writing inspiration, and more.Rules of Etiquette...more

What does it mean, to act like a professional?

Many times I beat myself up about whether I’ve been professional enough. Did I say the wrong thing at the wrong time? Did I make the right move at the right time? Did that conversation just lay the groundwork for success, or pave the road to failure?As I stumble along collecting lessons learned, I wonder if these thoughts about professionalism are falsely placed. Some of the most professional people I know act nothing like professionals, and they continue to prosper. How?...more

What I Hate Is Feeling Like My Job Is Evidence That I'm Blowing It

I'm trying to decide right now if I'm being a spoiled little brat, a rebel, or a hopeless dreamer....more
Love George Carlin, haha.  I constantly feel at least eight steps behind everyone else, so you ...more

Captializing On Negativity

Captializing On Negativity   http://wobcmagazine.com/7291/133386/a/captializing-on-negativity...more

Stop dreaming of ball gowns and start dreaming of power suits

Sometimes I ask my friends what they wanted to be when they grew up. The answers are always beautiful, and I think that if we all followed our dreams, the world would be filled with more fire fighters, ballerinas and a variety of amazing circus acts (but thankfully, no clowns)....more

Do more choices bring more guilt for mothers?

I thought I was doing myself a favor, by deciding not to go back to work full-time so I could be with my baby, by opting to work freelance so I could attend all my kids’ events, by starting a work-from-home business so I could fit a job around my family schedule, by not chasing high salaries so I could teach my kids that passion for work is more important than pay for work, by not prioritizing money so I could teach my kids happiness comes from togetherness and not things, ...more

5 Habits of Successful Newbies

Starting your first job or a new career? A little (or a lot) nervous of getting in over your head? Here are a few ways successful newbies get a jumpstart.1. Own it...more

Tips for Analog To-Do Lists in the Digital Age

I landed a new job earlier this year, and getting situated became my priority. Now that I’ve gotten the hang of things in the new gig, I wanted to share my secret for successful task management: the Bullet Journal....more

I'll get back to you once I have finished doing this 'life' thing

I was recently asked by significant other what makes me happy.  I was a bit taken back by his question but responded in the usual way - oh you know...tidy houseNo he said.  What makes you happy, what would make you happy.  Now I really had to think and I couldn't really come up with an answer.  ...more

How much are you willing to risk for your job?

I'm a firefighter. I work 24 hour shifts, every third day of the month. I'm there to help you in the middle of the night when everyone else is at home sleeping in their beds. Whether it be for a heart attack, a stroke, a fall, or even something non-emergency as a ride to the hospital because you have no other way to get there. I come to your call and beckon, giving up my need for sleep and sometimes even missing meals. I am there for you 24 hours, 7 days a week, Holidays and weekends included. I serve you.In a metropolitan area near Atlanta, Georgia, a fire department is looking to mandate firefighters to work eight shifts of overtime over the course of a year to make up for the loss of employees. Eight shifts might not seem like a lot to you, but it ends up being approximately one month of extra work to a firefighter. Shifts that they don't want to work or cannot work due to childcare issues, part-time jobs, or taking care of a loved one, but are being forced to work....more