How To Be Successful In An Unconventional Industry: Music, Freelance Writing, Designing, etc.

During my senior year of high school, as everyone discussed where they were going to university, what they were going to study, and what they wanted to be when they “grew up,” there was a clique that professed their desire to go into anesthesiology.Why?...more

Work-Life Balance...Really?

In hundreds of articles across the Internet and in dozens of magazines, working moms are encouraged to “find balance.” As a mompreneur, who juggles client crises, making payroll and packing lunch for my four-year-old (at the same time), I find the notion of balance utterly unrealistic. Frankly, the people who write those articles don’t know what they’re talking about....more

Dear Writers: Don't Fall Victim to Word Count Shaming

I'm quite sure it's not intentional, that stab that slices at my self-worth when I see those numbers posted....more
PoppiesandPinot I'm with you. I tend towards the long-winded. Twitter and its shortness - a ...more

Erin Condren Love

I have a small problem (I know, another one).I’m slightly OCD, according to others, when it comes to my planner.  As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a planner or agenda of some kind....more

Toshiba Chromebook 2 Wins for Grads And Dads

If you're seeking the perfect gift for a grad or a dad and looking for something that will really please, consider the Toshiba Chromebook 2....more

How Online Education Is For You If You're On The Go

You want to go back to school to create more career opportunities for yourself, but how are you going to cram that into your busy schedule?Do you want to bolt from work, juggle picking up the kids and their afterschool functions and then try to slide into the back row of a night class at the community college? Or, how about spending your too-few weekend hours in a classroom or driving back and forth?No way and no thank you....more

7 Tips to Nail Your Own Headshot

In this age of social media and blogging, everyone should have at least one great headshot. Throw it on your blog, your Facebook account, your Twitter avatar, your LinkedIn profile: anywhere people want to connect a face to the name. ...more
Laurend1985 That's why I like a little pizzazz in mine, or a small child doesn't hurt ...more

My Advice to the Class of 2015

When I was asked to do a post on what my advice would be to college grads about to enter the workforce and begin job searching, my concern was that having graduated nearly a decade ago (so crazy), I'm already too old to be relevant. I've therefore decided to do the post via the medium of song, utilizing the greatest hits from the class of 2015's college years. I figure if one of these songs was playing while you were doing a keg stand, it may be more memorable. Or not.10. "Party Rock Anthem"...more

Love, Friendship, Patriotism ... Why I'm an Immigration Ally

In 1997, at age 32, I felt like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in that movie The Internship, only instead of interning at Google, I was interning just down the road from Google at a weekly newspaper called the Mountain View Voice. Frustrated by the teaching market in California at the time, I decided to take a year off from substitute teaching and endless job applications to try something I'd always wanted to do: journalism....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I am considering being a licensed psychotherapist

Dear Dr. Romance:I am considering being a licensed psychotherapist. What was your education track if I may ask?Dear Reader:...more