Recording Injuries and Illnesses of Temporary Workers

Sometimes the typical workday is not all that typical. Occasionally, an employee may get sick or injured while on the job. Sometimes that person is a temporary employee. What then? Who is responsible for recording the incident ...more

The Art of Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Field

My name is Rachel. I am 25 and a female, and those two small facts come as a shock to the majority of my co-workers. My predecessor was a middle-aged male, the other people in my industry are mainly male and the majority of my co-workers are males. I manage employees, most of which are male, and I am managed by males. I can faintly hear my feminist sisters in the background cheering for me, and I usually wear these facts like a badge of honor on my chest. I am proud of this, but if we are being honest, it is no walk in the park....more
It seems as if your age has more to do with their lack of trust in your ability than your ...more

An open letter to Mike Rowe (yes, the Dirty Jobs guy)

This letter is in respose to Mike Rowe's response to Facebook comments on his Wal-Mart commercial voiceover that aired during the 2014 Winter Olympics in February. Click here for Mike's original post and this letter will make much more sense. Dear Mr. Rowe,[oh, who am I kidding?]Hey Mike,...more

The Joys of Minimum Wage: What I learned from my two year stint as a barrista

I write a blog post this cloudy Monday morning as I'm camped out with my laptop at Bare Bulb Coffee. Although this may sound pretty typical to you, today marks a big change for me. For I have spent the last two years opening the doors of Bare Bulb Coffee every Monday and Wednesday before the sun comes up to brew up some Joe and bake muffins and cinnamon rolls for the hungry people of Middle Georgia....more

What A Week!!!

Last week was my first week employed after college!! I am so fortunate to have found a job right after graduation in my actual field.  I was given a guardian angel as one of my graduation gifts and I'm pretty sure she's on the job!!I didn't get lost getting to work.  I found the parking lot I'm supposed to use.  I packed my lunch every day and didn't starve all week. ...more

The Day I Had an Emotional Breakdown

It happened on a gross muggy Monday night. I had just spent the whole day anxiously waiting a response for a job I had applied for in Dallas. I wanted that job sooo bad, I had even rearranged my schedule just before Easter weekend so I could go up for a last minute interview. This was my dream job, I thought. The big break I had been waiting for. The past week I had been constantly checking my email and phone hoping for a response from the company.This Monday was no different. The whole day had past and I heard nothing....more