Vocabulary Words New College Students Need

There is a set of vocabulary words that, if taken seriously, are designed to give students a competitive edge.Hear me out -- I'm an English teacher. I believe in the power of words.And by "new" students, I do not mean new college students, per se. I mean, specifically, first-generation college students; the chickadees who are the first in their families to attend college....more

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Career

It can be scary to step away from your steady job to follow your dreams, especially when the passions you want to pursue aren’t connected to a salaried check. ...more
KathyA.Gambrell Maybe another way to put it is that it"s work, but if you love it then it won't ...more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: Blossoming In Time

Image courtesy of PixabaySeries Introduction...more
patriciaappelquist Whoever said patience is a virtue was spot on. I think it's human nature to ...more

A Simple Strategy to Handle Workload Overload

Workload overload has become an epidemic that’s wearing us all out!  How do you handle it?In this episode of Gotta Quick Question, workload overload is Jessica’s dilemma and I offer a practical way sort through what's on her to-do list and what to say when when she gets asked to do MORE (because you know she will!)....more

Why you should take business talk outside the home

My husband and I recently made a commitment to take business talk outside the home.  It's made all the difference... Why?...more

4 ways to overcome deadly "experience gap"

About Author: Katelyn Bourgoin is the founder of Vendeve—the world's only skills marketplace for women.Rumour has it people change their careers roughly seven times throughout their lives. Although that seems like a crazy high number, it is definitely plausible....more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: Chin Up, Dear!

Image Courtesy of Janine Truitt and Gap, Inc.Series Introduction...more

Being a lady doesn't come easily to me

There. I admit it. I decided this now, looking back on the hours it took for to prepare for this meeting, looking at my filthy computer screen, smear marks obscuring my view. Somewhere, sometime, I switched from tomboy to woman, but the finer details got lost in translation. I value ladydom. But it's not easy. ...more

It's Hard to Balance Work and Life

I think the title says it all.  It is hard to balance work and life!  At least I have a difficult time doing this.  Maybe others are better at it than I am.  I always wonder how people get everything done around the house, work and still go out and play.  What have they figured out that I have not?...more