5 Common Business Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

5 Common Business Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Should Avoidhttp://wobcmagazine.com/8057/87185/a/5-common-business-mistakes-that-ent......more

What You Need to Know Before You Start a Business

I was having lunch yesterday with a new friend, and she had a bunch of questions for me as she was at the really early stages of getting her start-up up and running. At first I was inclined to say I didn't have that much more experience than her, but as we started getting into the conversation, I realized how incredibly much I had learned in a short six months. And I figured it would be nice to capture that journey of realizations. So here they are!...more
Starting a business can be a great thing but one has to expect the unexpected and when one does ...more

Employment in the age of excuse-making

In this new age of employment that I like to call Generation YES, there is one behavior that was there to some extent in my generation but has become epidemic in this one. It is the act of excuse making, and it has completely replaced accepting responsibility and apologizing....more

What you want is employment. What I want is Common Sense

There is no big mystery what employers want. Let me lay it out for you starting with the very first time we see you.If you are coming in to fill out or pick up an application then the following rules apply:...more

Don't be a Twitt... Social Media in the workplace

It is incredible what employees will post on their twitter and Facebook accounts. Comments about their job, their boss and the company they work for are often found in status updates and in posts.  ...more

Why Write? The Article That Led Me to Blogging

Before I became a blogger, I first had to convince myself that I am a  writer. Then, I had some trouble thinking of myself as  a real blogger.   Now, after six months of hard work, 166 posts published on the most - - of every moment, and several featured posts - I finally believe that I have earned both titles....more

Things I Know to be True

 Whilst I think I enjoy pretty good health at the moment, a recent Vitamin D deficiency diagnosis, the scary incident with my back, fast greying hair, and ground-down teeth that are testament to my stress levels have all proven to be the not-so gentle reminder that the time is now, to quote the under-appreciated Moloko. I am 35, old enough to feel scared witless by losing my income. Old enough to have produced two very delightful but cash burning children, and young enough to make a career change. I think. ...more

How to Stand Strong Behind your Work & Art, Even when it’s Scary

Well, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night…soooo… Well, I didn’t have very much time to prepare…soooo… Well, I wasn’t really invested in this idea anyway…sooo… Sound familiar? We dish these lines out like they are candy on Halloween. ...more
To answer the question, as an Actionable Creator, I find myself bringing a greater sense of joy ...more

Diversify Your Career and Involve Your Daughter

What’s wrong with a career adventure in mid-life?What’s wrong with mentoring your daughter for a adventurous career?Career adventures begin with knowledge....more