Someone Believed in Me

Someone believed in me when I was finding it so difficult to believe in myself. Someone gave me a chance. After twenty-five years in a career that I hated, I have made the switch to something I love. I love to write. I may not write well, I may not use the most eloquent words, I may not be the fanciest writer. But I love to express myself. I've always had a love affair with the written word. Sometimes I think the written word loves me back. ...more

Happy families aren't all alike

It's late in the evening and I'm just getting home from an event. My two boys are fast asleep. They've had dinner, a story, and were tucked in by their father hours ago. I can't help going into their rooms to check on them, kiss them, and hope subconsciously they know I am there and that I love them. I know I may have missed some good moments with them tonight, but I know too that I can offer them more by excelling at what I do. ...more

When Life Squirts Lemon Juice in Your Eye...

… make lemonade. Or, in my case, cry about it, b*tch to your husband, throw a minor tantrum, melodramatically insist that you cannot go on another day, grudgingly accept your circumstances, and make some damn lemonade. With Splenda, because you haven’t been working out lately. I am officially having ONE OF THOSE WEEKS. Read more... ...more

How to Finance Your Green Business

I received an email from an inventor who wants to find funding to bring a green product to market. She had been given a lot of encouragement from a corporation who wants to manufacture her green invention and market it. Although this route would be a relatively easy way for her to see the invention reach a large market, this inventor is concerned about all of the unemployed people in her area. The corporation wants to produce the product overseas--a logical choice given the production costs would be significantly lower in China. ...more

Woes of the Working Parent

As we all know I really like working. I've worked since I was old enough to work and really enjoying the interaction and task related joys of my job. I did have a brief 1 year stint as a SAHM and almost went the same way as Sylvia Plath. But that had more to do with cabin fever than anything so maybe it'd be different if I did it again. ...more

The problem with "organized networking"

I have friends that I refer to as "professional networkers". They belong to and attend all of the Professional networking events weekly. Their schedules are full of "after work socials", meetings with "The Chamber of this or that" in hopes of securing a future career opportunity. I consider myself more of a "social networker". I am more likely to meet people while patiently, or otherwise, waiting in the line at the Post Office. I genuinely enjoy sharing experiences with others and it being reciprocated. The key word here is "sharing"..... which is giving. ...more

Guerrilla Altruism: The Generosity Game

The idea of The Generosity Game is to "make someone's day, and maybe even to restore their faith in humanity" by perpetrating anonymous random acts of kindness. The subversive nature of the goodness required by the game, makes generosity fun, cool, and even hip. ...more

Making Personal Development Fun

When you hear the words "goal setting" do you think, "Now that sounds like a good time"? How about strengthening your self-discipline--sound entertaining? Increasing your productivity? No? I agree. I think the biggest problem with personal development is that it's absolutely no fun. Read more... ...more

Here is my soapbox: a message on Universal Healthcare

When my husband changed his job, we knew we were going to end up using COBRA health insurance until his 90 days at the new job. So we thought maybe we'd save some money with a private insurance instead of COBRA. After applying for Blue Cross PPO it seemed to be taking forever. January was almost over and we hadn't heard back. There's no way we wanted to start Feb with no coverage. We received the COBRA paperwork and I changed jobs. It seemed we could use my new job's insurance and save money starting in April. ...more

I Need More Time!

Today as I was struggling to get my writing done, answer my emails and phone calls, and manage my workload at the office, I really wished there were more hours in the day. There’s so much that I need to do and so little time. For example, I’d love to do some more writing after work, but I’m heading directly from the office to my volunteer commitment. Maybe tomorrow evening? Nope. I’ll be at a celebration dinner for a friend who just started a new job. Arrrrgh–I need more TIME! Then it occurred to me–why not just make more? ...more