Wal-Mart v Julie Roehm: Is this the end of corporate civility?

To address the specific issues of why Julie Roehm was fired from Wal-Mart is not within my purview. I only know what I have read and other than Julie Roehm and Wal-Mart, [Wall Street Journal subscription only link] whose explanations are quite different, everything that has been written is speculation, informed or not. There is the Theory of Bad Fit and Nobu's is a NoNo and the Mystery of the Gratuity Policy Violation. BusinessWeek has a long interview with Julie. ...more

Communication, Roles & Identity on the Social Web

jeneane also blogs at allied. Jon Husband recently expanded on my Social Drama post with his thoughts, offering clarification on what I might have meant, which wasn't so clear to me then (and still fades in and out now). He says: ...more

Behind The Scenes At BlogHer's Conferences With Elisa Camahort

Last month I caught up with Elisa Camahort when we were in DC. Although I've been involved, as a speaker, editor and supporter, of BlogHer since the early days (It's strange to think that less than 2 years can be called "the early days" in social media.) I was curious to learn how within, what seemed like seconds, BlogHer had morphed from one workshop - to an online community - to an ad network - to two niched conferences. ...more

Media 2.0 Workgroup and the Work of Media 2.0

I'm delighted (you can tell when I use words like 'delighted' that this is serious business) to be part of the newly (as in today) launched Media 2.0 Workgroup. When asked if I would like to participate, I said as long as I can play young Dr. Kildare. And (you won't believe it, but) they said yes! ...more

The Question of a Woman President

Elder, not political, issues are my concern here and at my other blog, Time Goes By. But what better elder issue is there than concern for the future of the country and the world? With careers done or on the wane, with children raised, elders have more time to dig into the background and details of political, cultural and social issues, and for participation than when they were younger. We have more years of experience at the consequences of various political acts. And sometimes, maybe, we have a bit more experience and perspective to contribute to the public discourse. ...more

In Sweden we are slowly taking steps toward a woman premiereminister.
In March the ...more

Putting the People in PR

If "social media" PR types continue to focus on how to bring old tools into a new paradigm, they will continue to be beaten about the head and neck. Case in point is the social media press release, which has been discussed way too long for anyone outside of BigPR, which struggles to adapt to the changing means of "relating" among "people," formerly known as consumers. The problem is the dual role of consumer (or user) and producer (or co-creator) that we find ourselves in, thanks to the Internet. Wait, it's not a problem at all. At least outside of BigPR--which has quickly become OldPR. ...more

I'm pretty sure the social media press release was a PR stunt in and of itself. The format is ...more

Work to live, or Live to work?

Since resigning from my job in Dubai and returning to Australia, I've been thinking a lot about what my next career move will be. I'm at the point now where there are two opposing options, and I'm wondering which path to follow. Like the Robert Frost poem goes "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both." ...more

Awesome to have choices...then we do not know what to do with them. (Imagine if you were ...more

Blogging Yourself Real

Jeneane also writes at Allied and Blog Sisters In 2002, David Weinberger wrote a defining statement about what early blog settlers were doing: ...more

Thank you for this--it's one of the best posts I've read that captures why I so love my blogging ...more

"I Am Man" (But I Am Not Funny)

Jeneane also blogs at Allied and Blog Sisters. Julie Pippert at the Ravin' Picture Maven points out an ad she saw on TV for Burger King, which is on YouTube. (Did they say the 'purest beef?) Called "The Man Ad," the ad shoots for humor using stereotypes of men as beef eating lumberjacks and demolition enthusiasts to the tune of "I Am Woman." ...more

Fair Trade: Helping More Than Farmers

Fair trade doesn't simply benefit social causes; environmental sustainability is also among its principles, according to TransFair USA, the only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. So where can you find some fair trade products? Let's take a look-see. ...more