Buying our house / no.20

J and I agreed we wouldn’t start the house-buying process until July 2013. Logistically, and financially, it just didn’t make any sense to start it any earlier. I saw our house listed on the market in early May last year, and I knew it was the perfect house for us ....more

Doing the Whole30 diet / no. 19

All of the reasons why I’m glad I did this diet are listed in this post. :) And yes… I owe you guys the recipes I made and my meal plans from that month. Eeks! ...more

Coffee Break: Should you ignore co-workers’ friend requests on Facebook?

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment and share your thoughts! ...more

Top Cloth Diaper Deals of the Week [10/19]

Welcome to BC’s Cloth Diaper Deals of the Week post, brought to you by Kayla at Obbs and Lala, a cloth diaper deals Facebook page you’ll really want to check out. Sweetbottoms Baby Choose from two Sweet Bonuses right now when you place an order with Sweetbottoms! When you spend $20+ you can get a FREE sample of CJs BUTTer with the code TRYCJS, or make a purchase of $49+ and use the coupon code SWEETPEA to get a FREE one-size diaper cover from the brand Sweetpea ....more

A Three Year Old Birthday Party and Sticking With My Minimum Gift Rule

After much contemplation I decided against a big party for my son’s third birthday. We invited our families to the celebration but chose not to invite any of my son’s friends. I am so happy we took this approach ....more

Work It: Ruched-Side Dress

Jersey Ruched-side dress – $62.30 – Photo credit: This Catherine Malandrino ruched-side dress has flair! I particularly love the twist and draping effect on its right side, along with its tulip hem, both of which take this dress from ordinary to wow! The three-quarter sleeves are very season-appropriate and extremely chic! ...more

LeapFrog LeapReader Plus Free Book for $31.99

I’ve been keeping my eye on LeapFrog LeapReaders for my three year old son. Amazon is currently featuring $5 off LeapReaders plus a free book or flash card set with purchase. Simply click the link above ....more

Pimp My Cube: Take Your Cubicle from Basic to Cool

I know what you’re thinking. Cubicles are fascinating! Right? ...more

How to Work With a Control Freak

Don't forget to Leave a comment! How to work with a control freak – Photo credit: human We’ve all been there, at some point or another, working for or reporting to a control freak. These are the people who live to micro-manage us, or in other words drive us bonkers from repeating the same instructions in three different ways in the same sentence, constantly watching over our shoulders and bombarding us with the same repetitive and unproductive questions… I’ve dealt with my share of control freaks at work ....more

Don’t Jinx Me, But…..

Remember when I shared my last interview with you all? It had gone so well and I was SO SURE I would get offered the position! Well, not only was I not offered a position, I never even heard back from them ....more