A Tradition Worth Passing On

When I was pregnant with my son I received a giant box in the mail filled with wrapped gifts. My husband’s aunt passed on the tradition of providing me with one gift for each prenatal appointment. I loved that I idea so much that I bought presents for my husband’s friend who was expecting their first bundle of joy last year ....more

Links à la Mode: Style Everywhere

Style Everywhere This week we have all kinds of links. From the very personal getting to feel comfortable in your own skin, to the runways of Paris and the runways Kendall Jenner is on. When is the best time to go shopping? ...more

how big of a deal are mistakes when you’re new to a job?

A reader writes: I’m a student who’s still pretty fresh from high school and only a year or so into college. While searching for a summer job, I applied to a variety of places and ended up getting a job at a corporate office-type setting. My previous work experience has been in retail and fast food, so needless to say, I don’t have a lot of experience in this kind of setting ....more

How Soon Should I Send a Second Follow Up Email After an Interview?

I recently got a comment from a job seeker who had a job interview two LONG weeks ago and hadn’t yet heard anything back from the employer. She was wondering if she should send another follow-up email asking again for their interview process timeline. She had already sent a follow-up note after the interview that […] ...more

Mid-Summer Update on our Weight Loss Competition

Seven weeks ago J and I agreed to participate in a...more

how to get your boss to read your emails

If your boss is like most managers, she gets a ton of email and has very little time to respond to it. That doesn’t excuse non-responsiveness, of course, but it does mean that your chances of having your emails read and responded to go up significantly if you craft your messages the right way. If you ever feel like your emails to your boss disappear into the ether, never to be read or acted upon,...more

KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Building Blocks and Train Set for $70 Today Only

Today at Kids Woot you can pick up the KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Building Blocks and Train Set for $69.99. It’s about $103 to $15o elsewhere. Choose from Natural or Espresso ....more

50% off Select Backpacks today at Amazon

Select backpacks are 50% off or more today at Amazon. It’s their Deal of the Day. Related:...more

more of the same

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. I’m pretty sure I could take a picture like this every summer day. ...more

I tried to negotiate salary and haven’t heard anything back, bug bites at work, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. I tried to negotiate salary and now I haven’t heard back for a week I’m a recent college graduate who just got her first job offer ....more