Flash Sale! Stride Rite Shoes Today Only [Free Shipping]

Kids outgrowing their shoes? Select Stride Rite styles are priced at as little as $14.95 at Stride Rite online today only. No coupon code required ....more

Lightning Deal Picks for Monday [StorkSak, Fisher-Price, More]

Today’s list of baby and toy Lightning Deals at Amazon is short and sweet. Here are my picks: 10 am ET:...more

Prioritizing Your Time During the Holidays, Guilt-Free

Holiday cheer swirls around us like tangled Christmas lights, end-of-year deadlines are piled high, and oh look, there’s another neon-colored flyer asking for parent.. ....more

Roadtripping with Toddlers

Roadtripping with toddlers can be tough, but I’ve got to say that our trip this time (at 2.5 years) was SOOOO much better/easier/more fun than last year at this time (at 18 months). It was even much easier than our summer road trip to Utah (when they were 2). Here’s my take on the experience, and how to make it a bit more bearable, in a frugal way ....more

2014 Style Wish List

Each year we busy ourselves with trying to make the most of the holiday season. We do all we can to make the holidays.. ....more

My Student Loan Debt Reveal

Follow my blog with Bloglovin A few months ago, I mentioned that I would be revealing our debt figures this December. Well my friends, the time has finally come. To be honest, I’m feeling a bit self-conscious about it too ....more

4 Ways to Combat Social Media Spending

I am a woman, therefore I am maybe a bit more obsessed with Pinterest than I should be. Not every woman is like me, but I would venture to guess that 90% of women love getting information, how-to’s, and recipes from Pinterest – and more and more men are getting involved in Pinterest too! Did […] The post 4 Ways to Combat Social Media Spending appeared first on Retired by 40 ....more

Homemade Mondays

Homemade Mondays is a series for people that are on a journey to better living, via healthier eating and a more natural lifestyle....more

4 Signs You Know It’s Time to Let a Friendship Go

I have a tendency to hold on to friendships longer than I should because I am loyal and often worry that I may hurt their feelings if I begin to pull away. Can you relate? But the one thing that growing up has taught me is that life is about phases, changes, and breakthroughs, and you can’t be afraid to respond to the whispers (as Mama Oprah likes to say) and the writing on the wall when it time to move folk from the friendship zone to the holding cage of friendly strangers and acquaintances ....more