contacting people who had my job before me, am I overqualified, under-qualified, or just right, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. My controlling coworker wants us to have weekly update meetings, and I don’t want to I have a colleague who does basically the same work that I do – we’re in the same unit, have essentially the same job functions, the same bosses, and we share an assistant ....more

Smiling More Often

Just before closing the book on 2013 I set a goal for the new year. I suppose I could call it a resolution, but I really prefer to think of it less as an end state and more as a new state of mind. ...more

Mint & Gold Baby Shower

One of my best friends Allison (in probably half of my pictures) is having a baby in a month, and this past weekend a few friends and I threw her a shower at my mom’s house....more

Turning Today’s Rejection into a Job Offer Next Month: It’s in the Stars!

The job sounded great. The interviews went well. You liked the people, and they seemed to like you ....more

my boss is constantly urging me to stay at my job, even though I’ve shown no signs of leaving

A reader writes: I’ve developed a somewhat close relationship with one of my bosses, who is not my direct supervisor. I talk to him for about 15-20 minutes every day. About once a week (sometimes more), he finds a way to turn a conversation from general work stuff to how — even though my job is far from ideal, the pay is low, and the company is terrible (his words) — I should stick it out here for a couple years ....more

Top Cloth Diaper Deals of the Week [1/19]

Welcome to BC’s Cloth Diaper Deals of the Week post, brought to you by Kayla at...more

10 reasons to organize your office – now!

When I get busy, I put off cleaning my desk and my office until I have a couple free hours. Only those hours never seem to materialize. Over the holidays, though, I had enough time off that I got in all the R&R I needed and have time left over for some much-needed decluttering around my office ....more

does the admin in my new office have boundary issues?

A reader writes: My company last year acquired another company in the same industry, and we’ve finally merged offices. As it happens, the acquired companies offices were larger and less expensive, so we moved in with them. As a senior team member in our old place, I had my own office ....more

MLK Day Clearance Sale at [Up to 75% Off Kids Shoes and More] is running an MLK Day Clearance sale today with up to 75% off kids’ shoes and more. Brands include See Kai Run, Stride Rite, Twig, Keen, Vans, New Balance, and more. I’m seeing lots under $20 ....more

Extra 25% Off Clearance Plus Free Shipping at Stride Rite [Last Day]

Take 25% off clearance items with code...more