Lots of this is happening at my house.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. We’ve been swimming a lot (four out of the last five days, actually!), but much reading has been done as well. Thank goodness for the library! ...more


My grandmother used to say that all misfortune came in three’s. So, if four bad things happened to you it meant that there were at least 2 more things that would shortly follow. Now, I’m not sure how true it is but it certainly seems that bad things seem to happen in clumps ....more

The low-water garden

Growing up, my family went camping....more

my coworker insulted me in an email, sharing a bedroom with coworkers, and more

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go… 1. Was my coworker’s email meant to be an insult? ...more

25 Things To Do While Waiting To Hear Back From a Job Interview

When you’re waiting to hear back from an employer after a job interview, time seems to come to a standstill … or maybe even crawl backwards! But there are things you can do while playing the interview waiting game that will help keep you sane – and possibly position you even better as a result […] ...more

Planning for things you Know Nothing About

I mentioned earlier today that we dropped Sea Cadet off for his official Navy Sea Cadet’s Boot Camp (or as they call it Recruit Training.)...more

My Favorite Way to Save Money: Do Things Yourself

Figuring out how to save more money when you’ve already tracked your spending, cut your costs, and established your budget can be tricky. For most of us, we can only reduce what we need to spend by so much. Sure, we can control how many shopping sprees we go on or how many new toys we treat ourselves to — but if you’re anything like us, some expenses are just non-negotiable ....more


I’ve always felt old beyond my years. Some children are free spirits. I was not ....more

Birthday Update – Hope

Boy, it seems like kids’ birthdays are a hot topic around here. I think at least 3 of us have written about them. If you will remember, I asked for some frugal birthday ideas back in April and then I subsequently decided to cancel birthday parties this year due to budget and stress ....more