It's Not About The Kid Card: It's About Flexibility at Work for All

I was listening to NPR's Tell Me More the other morning and there was a segment discussing "The Kid Card." What prompted this conversation was this letter and this ...more
Great piece. I have been lucky over the years to have had employers who were willing to be ...more

Social Media for Authors

I was a writer before I was a blogger. I started my personal blog, Surrender, Dorothy, in 2004 when I was out on maternity leave with my daughter. I’d received my MA in English from the University of Missouri – Kansas City’s professional writing program in 2002 and couldn’t concentrate enough in my new-baby fog to write my usual short stories and poetry. I took up blogging as a way to keep my writing alive, and for me, blogging turned into publishing....more
@mommabethyname I think modification is best done slowly, anyway. It always feels more natural ...more

Summertime Stay-at-Home Mom: I'm Not Built for this 12 Months a Year

One of the absolute wonderful and terrifying things about being a teacher is that each summer I get the joy of becoming a Stay at Home Mama. Being a stay at home mama is the most difficult job and I have an infinite amount of respect for those of you who do it (and the ultimate respect for my mom who did it for us). And, I pray that people don't take this the wrong way, but I was not built for it 12 months a year. ...more
Being a stay at home mom is way harder year round. You get less respect than those doing it ...more

Swept Under the Rug: Sexism in Computer Science

I think I lulled myself into a sense of security about being a woman in computer science –- I can handle the awkward guys, and the ones who think they know more than I do, simply because they’re guys, and I honestly thought that that was all there was to it. You get used to the comments and brush them off and prove them wrong and call it a day. I’ve even been trying to propagate that attitude in the women in my local WICS chapter, convinced that half of the problem is that women make too big of a deal about being a minority....more
Hey, Hang in there. I am a women in a physics department at a university. I completely ...more

What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About "Breadwinner Moms"

Women and work are making headlines again. This past week, the news channels have all been flooded with the latest research from the Pew Research Center—a non-partisan fact tank that releases surveys and research analysis on American issues, and a benchmark source for information on changes in our society. Their latest report, released yesterday, found that a full 40 percent of American women are the "breadwinners" in their households....more
Stacy - Tracked you down from your comment on my post.  I just LOVED this - vilifying women's ...more

5 Ways to Tell If You're Oversharing Online

That blog post where the writer blasts her soon-to-be-ex-in-laws as being insensitive and possessing the personalities of doorstops? Absolutely riveting. The entry where a blogger laments her spouse's lack of attention, or rather, the lavish attention he pays to everything BUT her? Emotionally raw and unable to ignore.But when you're the one who's doing the writing, and your loved one (or ones) is the target of the gripes or overexposure in, say, a photo -- is the potential relationship damage worth the spike in Internet traffic generated by your candidness or quirky snapshot?...more
I completely agree, so many people have their whole lives and that of their family on the ...more

Editing BlogHer's Food Anthology, ROOTS

When it comes to the editors of BlogHer's anthology, ROOTS: Where Food Comes From and Where It Takes Us, (coming June 4th from Open Road) I definitely know the least about food. I do know blogger anthologies, though -- and the challenges they can bring! When I edited the first BlogHer book, Sleep Is for the Weak, I was working alone. I remember questioning myself every step of the way -- I'd never edited an anthology before and made plenty of mistakes that created more work for myself (and probably my contributors). This time, I wasn't alone, and the experience was much richer as a result....more

Between Jobs? Get Excited About the Job Search

[Editor's Note: When you are between jobs it can be hard to stay motivated and upbeat about looking for a job. Here's a great post on how to get excited about your job search. -Paula G ...more

Why the Working Families Flexibility Act Won't Work

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed the Working Families Flexibilities Act, a bill supported heavily by Republicans, who claim the act will help employees -- particularly working mothers -- find better work-life balance. But not everyone agrees....more
It is only a good idea if YOU get to choose how you take the time and a half, and only if you ...more

Announcing BlogHer '13 Keynote Speaker Sheryl Sandberg!

This morning we are so pleased to announce the Saturday morning Keynote at BlogHer '13 will be a one-on-one interview with Sheryl Sandberg. As COO of Facebook and the best-selling author of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, Forbes is stating the obvious including her on their just-released list of the most powerful women in the world. (#6 on the list, FYI.)...more
A powerful keynote and a great alliance for BlogHer. How can boomer women help with this initiative?more