How to Use an Ironing Board to Create a Standing Desk

[Editor's Note: A computer-centric job creates the opportunity to sit on your butt a lot. Even if you don't exercise vigorously, simply standing and moving can do so much for your health and productivity. Here's a creative no-cost way to create your own stand-up desk. -Paula G ...more
What a great idea! We are always trying to encourage good posture and creative ways to live ...more

People You Need on Your Career Team

No one succeeds in isolation. There's a team behind every successful person. So, who is on your career team? Those people you consciously choose to help you move forward. Karen Adamedes shares the 5 types of people you need to have on your team in this post. ...more
We develop networks for a myriad of reasons, in discussion, for encouragement and support, for ...more

Do Nothing For Approval: A Letter to My Younger Self

This is a letter to a 26-year old girl who sat on a beach in Boca Raton, and faced for the first time that the path she was on was right for everyone around her except for the person who mattered most: herself. She looked into the Atlantic Ocean and thought, What do *I* want? And so began a journey from a called-off wedding in South Florida, to film school in Tallahassee, and finally to a creative life working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. ...more
I love your piece and can totally relate. Twenty-six was the magic number for me! I remember at ...more

8 Signs That It's Time to Retire

How do you know when it is time to retire? It can mean many things to different people. There's the serious side of finance, career, and creating a new chapter. There's also the humorous side in which ironically there is a lot of truth. Read these signs it is time to retire from Elaine M. Decker (they are really great!). ...more
I know what you mean, that could be a big factor in determining productivity on the job.more

Debbie Ford, Spiritual Leader & Transformational Teacher, Dead at 57

This week, the world lost a truly transformational leader as Debbie Ford passed away, losing her battle with cancer at the age of 57. Debbie was a New York Times bestselling author, teacher, trainer, and internationally recognized expert in personal transformation. Yet it's not the accolades that I mourn and celebrate today. ...more
She sounds truly remarkable. I am also of the mind that we need to explore the dark side in ...more

Finding -- and Fine-Tuning -- Your Path to Career Success

When I began my freshman year in college in New York, I had one goal in mind; to live in the city and to make it as a journalist. I was on the right track as I secured internships with Paper Magazine my junior year and then both an art and editorial internship back to back with Time Inc. working at Teen People magazine. And then just a week into my senior year, 9/11 happened, and months later my grandfather died of cancer. I began questioning this path I was on. What mattered most to me? Did I really want this dream of NYC? Was I really ready for it? So I packed up, headed home to Florida, and then a month later headed out to Seattle, still very confused. ...more Thanks for such kind words! I'm thinking as my daughter...who is only 3 ...more

"The Feminine Mystique" at 50: How Far Have We Come?

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of "The Feminine Mystique." It’s hard to underestimate the earthshaking effect Betty Friedan’s book had on American women’s lives back then. Many of you weren’t yet born, or were too young like me to grasp its significance, but gender roles were so firmly inscribed that women were expected to be content being mothers and housewives. Astonishingly, “homemaker” was considered an actual profession. ...more
First read it somewhere in the '90s...more

What Women Really Want from Work

What do women really want from work? So much talk about women rising to the C-level ranks and work-life balance for working mothers that sometimes the real core of the matter gets lost in terms of what all women want. In this post, Katie Kelley takes a look at the recent reports "She’s (Rarely) the Boss, New York Times" and New York Magazine’s, “Want More Women in Leadership? Help New Moms” and adds her own spin to the conversation. ...more

How Employee Referrals Lead to New Jobs

[Editor's Note: Networking is important for a job search and can lead to the fast track to a new job. Getting referred by an existing employee always gives you a leg up. It certainly did wonders for me when I was changing companies a decade or so ago. -Paula G ...more
Looks fantastic!more

Transform Regret Into Action

When I find myself thinking, “If I knew then what I know now,” I admit that I feel a bit regretful. My younger self was full of ideas about the ways that I was going to change the world. I was excited about the possibilities that I had before me, and eager to embrace them. ...more
I, too thought that by my 40s, I'd be in a stable place just enjoying the results of what I've ...more