The Impact of Buying Local on the Economy

[Editor's Note: We read a lot about the impact of buying local. What is the real impact? What does it truly look like? In this post the infographic speaks louder than words. -Paula G Remember a while back when I posted about how buying local is better?  Well, because of that, I was sent this really cool infographic (LOVE infographics) that further drives the point home. ...more

Save Time with Regular "System" Maintenance

Preventative maintenance. Also known as system maintenance, sharpening the saw, and taking care of the golden goose. We often give it lip service but skip it and then kick ourselves later. This post on things you can do to keep your system up and running (particularly in an online world!) from Paula Eder, The Time Finder, will help you save time in the long run and give you peace of mind. ...more

Professionalize Your Passion: Build a Budget

Last year I "Retired Before I Retired. Much has changed in a year. When I first wrote about my husband and I envisioning retirement it was I who had made the big career change.  I quit my job, started a consulting business, finished working on a book, and went through a training program to become a certified vegan lifestyle coach. ...more
@Kiera-EasyTravelMom That's fantastic, Kiera!more

Sometimes You Need to Disengage from Social Media

One of the interesting symptoms of online myopia is the gradual disregard for many real world experiences in pursuit of online validation. It became easy to downgrade the great service I was doing in real life, and instead focus on all the online “goals” I had yet to attain. (I use the word goals loosely here because there wasn’t any real aim besides generally feeling like I was “enough” online.) To those who do not spend most of their days online and supporting themselves in this manner, this might seem downright crazy. ...more
I find that I frequently have to take breaks from social media.  While I don't work online, it ...more

Good Business Leaders Use Intuition to Make Decisions

Decision making is constant in business. Advancing products, engaging employees, responding to customers all while keeping a careful eye on the bottom line. It is the basic function of a leader to be continuously selecting priorities and taking action. Multitasking and constant awareness come with the territory of being in charge. The only stop to the ongoing process is shut-eye. Not resting, deep sleep. ...more

Adapting. It Can Be Time Consuming

Whenever life upends you with something, adaptation (and resilience) are crucial. My friend and colleague Debra Woog has been in a major upheaval dealing with a diagnosis of diabetes for her young son while juggling the demands of being a business owner. Her heartfelt and vulnerable posts have been very powerful for working moms everywhere. I wanted to share this one on adaptation with you. ...more

Coming Out at Work

For some, coming out at work is big news and has potentially serious consequences. In the case of Jason Collins, the NBA player who recently came out, it was international news. Fortunately, he got mostly positive responses. I didn't know what would happen when I recently came out at my small office... ...more
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The Real Struggle is...Struggling? Happiness as a Choice

There was a moment a few months ago when it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had to get completely honest or I would die. Life as I knew it had become simply intolerable. I was born poor and, despite all my ambition, talent, skill, manipulations, education, effort..., was poor now and -- gasp! -- may die poor. After I stopped having an emotional temper tantrum (I was mortified! This can't be true! It's unAmerican even!) I began slowly to make peace with what is already true. ...more
@GoFashionDeals It's amazing how much just being honest (about what happens to be true anyway, ...more

How to Develop a Mindset of Mastery

Everywhere you turn there is a quick-fix for this, shortcut for that, or wild promise about building your six figure business by the time commercial break ends on your favorite show. Hype and instant satisfaction follow us everywhere. Yet there is something to be said for the idea of mastering something - your craft, running your business, or service. There is no shortcut to expertise much like there is no shortcut for fine, aged wine. It takes time and attention to the fundamentals coupled with a lot of patience and trust. This post from bestselling author Pamela Slim breaks down 10 ways to create your own mastery mindset. ...more

4 Ways to Grow Your List of Prospects

When you own your own business you must constantly be working to grow your list of prospects. It's called keeping your pipeline full. If you don't take consistent action your numbers will simply dwindle over time. In this post Linda Daley shows you 4 ways you can continuously and consistently grow your list. ...more