Over-Giving: Are You Putting Your Business at Risk?

Lately I've been on a weekly pilgrimage to a local microbrewery to try their new beers and fill my growler. While I'm not a huge beer drinker (more of a wine geek), I like good and interesting brews. I particularly love this brewery for their innovative creations. Their friendliness is a huge boost as well. They are up and coming and growing fast with a loyal following. Recently while I was sipping my samples, the owner was having a conversation with someone who stopped in looking for a donation for an upcoming event and my ears perked up as I overheard some of what was said. ...more
@Kristen Daukas Oh good for you!  I wrote all about that "pick your brain thing"... you might ...more

Stay Focused: 4 Questions to Ask Before You Apply for a Job

[Editor's Note: Throwing spaghetti at the wall to just see what sticks is not a job search strategy. Here are 4 questions you absolutely must ask yourself before you apply for that next job. -Paula G ...more

Success: It's Not About the Destination

We've all read the quote about how it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Success is in the process, the road that leads to where we're going. Most of us nod our heads, agree, and then go about marching headstrong toward the destination without noticing much along the way. That's why I truly love this post from Denise Wakeman about success being a journey. Not only did she live this truth on a personal and visceral level, she is now bringing that same energy to her work. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak about her epic journey in person as part of a live conference a few weeks ago and truly wanted to share it with this community. ...more

BlogHer to WSJ: Here’s the Rest of the Story About Blogging Business Trips

Sadly, my co-founders and I didn’t get laid at SXSW this year. Last month, Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins and I headed to Austin for our eighth annual SXSW sojourn. Our better halves were home watching the kids (or in my case, cat), and we didn’t avail ourselves of the Bang With Friends app, so we went without. I’ll admit that, despite massive peer pressure, we didn’t get drunk, either. ...more
I couldn't read the original article from WSJ because I don't have a subscription BUT I get the ...more

Working Mom Woes

[Editor's Note: No matter how secure in your choices to work as a mom, inevitably you still dread the moment when your child asks you why you're not always available to do everything that SAHM's do. Here's one working mom's reaction and handling of one of those heartwrenching questions. -Paula G The moment I’ve been dreading for the past year finally happened this morning.  I thought I was ready for it. I thought I could handle it in my heart. I thought that it wouldn’t phase me and I would be ready with an answer. ...more
I haven't even given birth yet, but I already dread moments like this...this is a great post! I ...more

I'm Working Again, and I'm Terrified

BlogHers, the unthinkable has happened. I have stumbled ass-backwards into a job. A real, honest-to-goodness, 40k-a-year permanent temp job. I even found my first paycheck sitting in the credit union account last week, by accident. I had forgotten I was supposed to get paid for schlepping up the turnpike every weekday....more
Great article - and funny too! I just went freelance myself, no longer working in the regular ...more

What Happened to Common Courtesy?

[Editor's Note: Is it just me or does it seem like common courtesy left the scene with analog television? It seems the deeper we get into technology, the further away from common courtesy, personal connection, and general pleasantries we get. I love technology, but nothing beats actually engaging in the real-life human experience we are actually on this planet to have. -Paula G ...more
The discussions about courtesy throughout history have included 'glass half empty' and half-full ...more

When Should I Get Paid for Assisting a Former Employer?

[Editor's Note: Wtih so many people losing their jobs these days, the possibility of your former employer needing some of your expertise rises. How do you draw the line between answering a few questions out of courtesy versus being asked to consult for free? This post will help you sort out when it's time to charge.-Paula G ...more

Fired for Being Gay or Not Being Willing to Lie?

It happens with regularity: Another beloved, high-performing employee is fired because someone's discriminatory panties get in a twist. Today's example: After 19 years as a physical education teacher for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Carla Hale was fired last month after an anonymous parent complained to the school that she had listed her female partner's name in her mother's obituary. ...more
Where's the catholic in Catholic?more

For The Mommas Who Are Trying To Run A Business....

[Editor's Note: With so many moms starting their own businesses these days, there is no one "right" way to do it. Balancing the kids plus the work plus the actual running of the business can be a juggling act beyond compare. This post from The Magic Brush shares her unique way of having her kids be with mom while also getting the job done. -Paula G ...more