Return to Work or Not: What Are Moms Deciding?

Editor's Note: Prior to my oldest son's birth, I stood firm on my soapbox that I would return to work afterward. I would be a strong, professional working mom like my own mother. Nothing would shake my resolve. Then he arrived and my world turned a little topsy-turvy. Mo at Life and Love in the Petri Dish finds herself wrestling with these thoughts after the birth of her little girl, turning to the Pew Research Center report on Modern Parenthood for some potential answers. How did you approach this decision? -Jenna ...more
Because my newborn was a great sleeper, I was bored out of my skull by week 10 of maternity ...more

How to Host a Webinar (and Why You Should)

The bar for the know, like, and trust factor has been rising over the past few years. A decade ago, there was less competition. If you were online and wrote a few articles you were golden. Now, people want to get to know you in a deeper way before spending money with you. One way to do that in a very personal and virtual way is to host a webinar. Here's a great post from Judi Knight on how to do it well. ...more

Too Soon? Tig Notaro on Writing, Cancer and Blasting Off on Tour

Tig Notaro says she's well. "I'm happy and well," she told me. That's really, really good to hear. It's also pretty remarkable, given that the comedian, writer and actor only a few months ago had surgery after one of the most harrowing four-month periods one could imagine: starting with pneumonia, then hospitalization for a life-threatening C. difficile infection, then the sudden death of her mother, then a break-up from her girlfriend....more
this is nuts. cancer is a serious disease. something is false here.more

The Power of Being a Person of Influence

What influence do you have on the people you lead? As a speaker and presenter, you have a responsibility: to the audience. What you say and do should have an impact on them. When you influence others you open doors for them - to new ways of thinking, a way of seeing with new eyes, to possibility, or to a new way of doing things. This post from Donna Lipman shares more about what it means to be a person of influence. ...more

How Being Negative Can Crush Your Career

No one likes to be with you when you're negative. If you're a manager, people will hate to work for you (but never tell you why). I can tell you that I used to have a negative streak about me. Not on purpose, my mind simply worked from seeing the negative and then working toward the solution. Unfortunately I verbalized my thought process and thus people thought I was pessimistic. I'm grateful to the person who pointed it out to me because I was able to shift that career crushing trait. This post from Alexis at 21st Century Gal is a great look at the dark side of negativity in the workplace. ...more
No. Negative people suck. lolmore

Dear Marissa Mayer: It's Earth Day, Shouldn't We Work at Home?

We've all heard the arguments for telecommuting because it's better for work-life balance, but on this Earth Day, Liz at Hello Ladies wants to remind executives (ahem, Marissa Mayer!) that working from home is also better for the environment:...more
I so wish I was allowed to work from home- half of our company does, and even about half of my ...more

What Men (and Everyone, Really) Can Do To Support Gender Equity in Tech

I recently received this thoughtful question about the role of male allies in solving the gender imbalance in the tech industry: As a guy in the tech industry, I honestly don’t know how to fix most of the issues… I do want to help, but like many other guys I don’t know the best way to do it. I recognize and accept that there are biases and barriers in our industry, but I don’t on know what can be done. ...more
wanek Thanks! That's lovely to hear from someone at NCWIT!more

How Not to Be Late All the Time

When people are late they disrespect themselves and everyone else that is left waiting for them. It is personally one of my big pet peeves. I hate when I end up late because I value walking my talk. The Everyday Minimalist has some thoughts on the matter and tips to help you not be late all the time. ...more
She needs to get down off her high horse.more

How to Find the Recruiter or Hiring Manager for a Job

No excuses. You can't simply apply for jobs online and then call it a day. You must go the extra mile in today's ultra-competitive job market. It can be hard to know where to start (like where is the start of that "extra mile"?!). Melissa Anzman of Loosen Your White Collar gives you practical, tactical, easy-to-follow steps on where to start. ...more

5 Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Learn New Business Skills

Keeping your skills sharp is crucial for anyone who runs a business. Without the perk of company sponsored training, you have to do-it-yourself. Even if you attend formal conferences or hire mentors, there is still always more to learn. I believe in spending some time learning something new each and every day. You don't have to spend hours at a time. Simply 15-30 minutes a day will reap huge rewards. ...more