The Secret to Being a PhD Student

What is it REALLY like to be a PhD student? It's not always what it looks like from the outside looking in. U. Ejiro O. Onomake is a third-year doctorate student who lets us in on a very important secret of in this post. ...more

The Working Mom Mirage: Do You Really See Her?

I thought I'd have a baby, go back to work, and slip squarely into their not-too-high heels. Armed with my cell phone and my caffeine addiction, I'd flit from meetings to doctor's appointments to soccer games, always in an appropriate outfit. It wouldn't be without effort, but it would feel innate. There would be no learning curve. ...more
@Falling Down Under Same here about being the breadwinner while my husband is the primary kid ...more

Advice from My 62 Year Old Self: 12 Key Lessons

I always love "advice to my younger self" type posts. Simply because if we are purposeful about it, we do become wise women as we continue to experience life. There are always some time-tested lessons (like - I should've listened to my mother!) and new epiphanies that only the living can bring. Here is a great post from Adela of The Black Tortoise on what her 62 year old self would say to her younger self. ...more

How to Fire Someone Respectfully

If you have employees, inevitably at some point you may have to fire one. It's not a task anyone looks forward to. It doesn't have to be mean-spirited or disrespectful however. That's why I thoroughly love this post from Lauren Bacon on how to fire someone with compassion and respect. Great advice for anyone who is or may be an employer one day. ...more

Why Good Grades Don't Matter as Much as You Think

When I went to school, it was all about getting good grades. I complied. I graduated at the top of everything. Yet, when I entered the work world, very little of that mattered. A career is a whole different ball of wax that standard education doesn't really prepare you for. Christine of The Dirty 30s has a really fascinating take on why good grades aren't everything. She says, ...more
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Job Interviews: Answering Why You Left Your Last Job?

[Editor's Note: You're in a job interview and they ask the dreaded question: Why did you leave your last job? You wonder, what is the right way for me to answer if I was laid off? Work Coach Cafe gives you the answer of how to successfully answer this question. -Paula G ...more

Is "Weeding" the Best Growth Strategy for Your Business?

When you are trying to find the fuel to move forward in your business, where do you start? Does it always make sense to start by cutting things out? Like weeding in a garden, this can be a powerful strategy. Yet, is it always the best way to nix self-limiting choices? Besty Buckley of What Matters shares this advice. ...more

On Being a Mom and PhD Student

I personally can't imagine being a mom and a student going for a Ph.D. Yet I know it can be done. I have clients who have done this (while working full time in addition) and there are many of you out there. I particularly like this post from Midwestern Berliners as she navigates the Mommy Ph.D. challenge. (It is part one of a four part series, so check out the others as well.) ...more
I'm so glad to find other Mom PhDers out there. I feel like I'm doing such a crappy job at the ...more

FYI: You Can No Longer Work at Home

What is the impact on an individual working mom's life when a company decides carte blanche to nix telecommuting? HUGE. The initial shock was stunning when a random "FYI" note from the manager hit Cece's desk. In this post she breaks down the upsetting and big impact that results from such an incidental company announcement. Can you relate? ...more
It is difficult when business is business... I too, had to sacrifice and it has made all the ...more

How to Pack Your Perfect Conference Wardrobe

Conference season is just about upon us -- and if you are anything like me, you're already thinking about what you'll be wearing as you meet, greet and network with your peers and brands. These tips and tricks will help you pack the perfect wardrobe to complement your amazing personality. Authentic Style ...more
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