Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Are you sometimes your own worst enemy? I know with myself and my clients this is SO often the case. Brilliant women, action oriented, lots of great stuff to offer the world and yet? Who is standing in the way - themselves. Read this smart post about someone facing that exact challenge. ...more
You may want to really examine yourself and find out why you must be so extremely competitive, a ...more

To Switch Careers, Hit the Books

[Editor's note -- Starting this week, the Reinvent Yourself series will feature a weekly Q&A with a Kaplan University professor or instructor on some aspect of changing careers. – Michelle V. Rafter]...more
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5 Tips for Focusing on Resolutions

It's easy to get psyched up about a new year and new goals. The adrenaline of change is pumping through my veins. I know I can do it. But the trick is feeling that way in February, March, April... heck even by the end of January. I want to go the distance this year, and not run out of steam because I sprinted out of the gate. Focus is always a problem for me, so I'm determined to sterilize my workspace. To that end, I've decided to: ...more
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Gaining the Skills for a New Career

[Editor's Note -- This week in the Reinvent Yourself series, we examine the role training plays in switching careers. Think a new job means heading back to the classroom? Maybe - and maybe not. -- Michelle V. Rafter]So, you've identified what you might like to do for your next what?...more
Sometimes you can gain the skills you need to take on the next career move in your current ...more

Top Wisdom for Women Starting Their Careers

Just before the holidays I had the distinct pleasure of moderating the Magazine Writing for Print and Online Panel at the New York Women in Communications, Inc. Student Communications Career Conference. It was a huge event with a ton of energy and an array of powerful women experts. What I learned from those I shared the stage with on this panel is that the wisdom these women shared is not only excellent advice for those pursuing careers in media but for anyone building their career at any age. ...more
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To Give Your New Business a Leg Up, Think Like a Customer

This Week in Kaplan University's Visionary Voices video series: If you're starting a business as part of your career reinvention, the best thing you can do is think like a customer. "You have to live their life. You have to get as close to that customer as you can," says Deborah Hopkins, chief innovation officer at Citi and once hailed by Fortune as the country's second most powerful woman in business. Watch the video now!...more
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The Ups, Downs and All Arounds of Managing a Multi-Contributor Blog

Sometimes I question whether or not I was lucid when I decided to start a multi-contributor blog eighteen months ago. I had no "I'm gonna start me a blog" savings account built up for that purpose.  I was, and am, in a doctoral program full-time.  And, I'm a full time clinical instructor. And the chair of a non-profit board of directors, a wife, a mommy, a therapist and supervisor....more
I'm a contributor on a few. I don't get paid and don't do it often. Nor has it brought me any ...more

The Year of Letting Go

This is my year of letting go. Last year I tried unsuccessfully to bring balance to my life. Holding tighter and fighting harder was not enough. It is finally time to let go instead. I am afraid. Holding on gave me a false sense of control, but it kept me from the abyss. Letting go means I have to face things I have run from for years. Balance seems insignificant in comparison to my panic writing these words, but fear is one of the things I need to let go. ...more
As someone who used to say 'Yes' way too often I completely feel for you! It's still a struggle ...more

My New Year Revolution: Owning the Power of “Yes”

Happy New Year! Personally, I like these round numbered years. They make me feel optimistic for no apparent reason. What about you? What’s your frame of mind as you start 2012? As you probably know, optimism—even when unwarranted--turns out to be one of the most valuable of all leadership traits. ...more
From LInkedIn: My frame of mind is one of passion, of optimism and of hope. I see opportunity. ...more

Burnout Starting Earlier in Professional Women

Burnout has always been a challenge for high achieving women (and superwomen trying like heck to do it all). Yet it seems in today's hard charging never-disconnected age, burnout is happening earlier and earlier (like before the age of 30). Imagine being burned out before you even really get going. Surely not the trend we want to see. ...more
@graceduffy i kind of feel like burnout is part of what i'm going thrumore