Calling All Entrepreneurial Women: Announcing BlogHerEntrepreneurs '12 This March

If you're a woman who has a big idea that involves technology, the Internet or social media, we are bringing back a unique opportunity that we launched in 2011: Register now for our second annual BlogHerEntrepreneurs Conference, focused on business, entrepreneurism and technology, which will take place on March 22-23, 2012 at the Citrix Executive Briefing Center in Santa Clara, CA....more
@Rita Arens I just could not leave your web site prior to suggesting that I really enjoyed the ...more

Saying Yes to Things Just Because You Need the Money? Bad Move...

Desperate for money. Many people feel that way, particularly entrepreneurs who were either hit hard by the economy or are just starting up their business because of well, the economy. Yet saying yes just because you need the money is a recipe for disaster. See why in this expert post. ...more
if you gotta feed your kids, you gotta feed your kids. you do what it takes to get them fed.more

Tough Economy Changes the Face of Holiday Jobs

'Tis the season for holiday employment. November and December are typically months where people hankering for a few extra dollars can take on additional jobs created by the demand during the holidays. This year, however, the tough economy has made holiday jobs more lifeline than extra cash for many affected by long-term job loss. ...more

Working Mothers, Multitasking, and the Role of Working Fathers

Is it working mothers or working fathers that need more flexibility at work? Multitasking and the superwoman syndrome is nearly killing many women I know. So who is it that needs the break? The answers in this post may surprise you... ...more
@_valeriei I found that a little odd toomore

What Leadership Lesson Are You Most Thankful For? Bonus Gift Edition

Wow! Thanks, for sharing so many fabulous, and fabulously helpful, leadership lessons that you are thankful for!  With the season of giving in full swing, here are more great gifts of wisdom shared by women leaders. Want to give a gift to others? Post your leadership lesson in the comments section below.   And while you’re at it, post YOUR most burning leadership question for the New Year too.   Speaking of Gratitude ...more
@theonecrystal Thanks for the props but it's the student that makes the teacher. :)more

Relationship Marketing to Score BIG in 2012

Relationship marketing is the new kid on the block in this article Bob Speyer from Web Success Team explains why Nothing is more appreciated and respected in business than a referral. It shows confidence in your brand, hands on experience and the ability to connect with people. It is the bi-product of a successful business–customer relationship. In today’s competitive business climate and the growing influence of the Internet to affect decision making, the marketing paradigm has changed. ...more

Networking During the Holiday Season

Holidays are not just about hitting parties, eating, drinking, and family... they are also about networking. Simply by the nature of the fact that you'll be around...gasp...people! Maybe some you haven't ever met before. So keep it authentic, but be on the lookout for opportunities to have a conversation. Here's how you can prepare. ...more
So important to recognize the networking possibilities in gatherings even at this holiday time. ...more

5 Ways to Give in Your Business This Holiday

Holidays are's all about giving (or at least is meant to be!). So, how do you give back to those you are grateful for in your business? Make it a point to do something this season to say thank you. Here are 5 great ways you can give back. ...more
As someone who was trained in customer service back in the day, this list seems completely ...more

Making Time for What Matters in 2012

Guess what? It'll be 2012 before you know it... and one thing is certain, we won't be getting more than 24 hours in our days. That means if you want to succeed, if you want to enjoy life, you have to make time for what you really want. Check out this thoughtful article on how to do just that, starting today! ...more

Holidays and Business: Striking a Balance

I have a theory about why there is so much stress around the holiday season...and it holds no judgment or specific-holiday-tradition-centric connotations. Do you know what it is? ...more
Your post is spot on. I gave up my notion of "perfect" a long time ago, and that applies to ...more