An Interview with Eventbrite founder Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz and her husband Kevin are the founders of the online ticketing platform Eventbrite. The success of the site has propelled Julia into the ranks of successful women in tech and successful business women in tech and made her a role model for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business. ...more Thanks. Always good to look at how the successful do things.more

Do You Lie at Work?

Do you tell little (or maybe big) lies at work? Now, don't lie to make yourself feel better! As I was reading the article "Liar, Liar, Pantsuit on Fire!" from Success Magazine, I was a bit surprised by the results of their survey of more than 1,200 American workers. We all know small lies happen, but some of the nuanced answers were amusing and telling. Such as: ...more

The Journey to Nursing School: Saying YES!

The last time I wrote a TJTNS, the journey to nursing school, post I talked about something relevant to me at the time which was {switching schools mid pre-requisites}. This time I thought I would talk about something a little more applicable to all the sweet wide eyed babies hearing back from colleges and that is saying 'YES'! ...more
All the best with your nursing school experience.  Becoming a nurse was the best thing I ever ...more

Navigating Career & God: Produced by Faith

Is your faith integrally involved with your career choices? How do you navigate the waters of career in a way that aligns with having a desire for a deeper relationship with God? Those are a few of the questions considered in this post from A Diva State of Mind about her own career in fashion inspired by the book Produced By Faith by DeVon Franklin. ...more

Must Read Blogs: Grandma Got STEM

I'm smitten with a blog. There, I said it. The blog is Grandma Got STEM and it's a new effort to document stories about the many women who have been working in STEM fields for decades. ...more
I think that is a great story. It is truly inspirational to see Women of mature ages show that ...more

What Did College Really Teach Me?

When you're in high school you can't wait for college. Once on campus, you yearn for graduation. It's always about preparing for that "next step". What happens once you graduate to "real life". Then what? Lady Unemployed looks back and ahead in this reflective post that ponders - why wasn't I told more about the "how" of pursuing my dreams? ...more
What college taught me: how to snort cocaine. Alas, true story.more

A Feminine Way To Manifest Your Dreams – Part 1

Like any good doctor, I was indoctrinated early on in the masculine way to operate, not just in the operating room, but in the world. The Rules  Push. Strive. Put your ass in the chair until it’s done. Make it happen. Go for it. Chase it. Will it. Put your nose to the grindstone. No pain, no gain. Grasp. Clutch. Cling to it if it feels like it’s slipping away. If it’s not going well, try harder. Succeed. Win. Triumph. ...more
Hi Lissa, thank you for writing this article. You've given me a new way of looking at the ...more

The Dorie Clark Method of Reinventing Your Personal Brand

I've had a lot of identities over the course of my post-collegiate career: Fiction writer, aquatics coordinator, reporter, webmaster, corporate communications manager, client services representative, editor, blogger, communications director. Each role has required me to rethink how I appear in the world and to redefine how others see me. And each time would have been easier if I'd had a copy of Dorie Clark's soon-to-be released book, Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future....more
WellsConLLC Appreciate it, David!more

What I Learned at BlogHer Entrepreneurs: I Am an Entrepreneur!

We've shared some great posts about our attendee's experiences at our BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 conference. We wanted to take some time and share this new post by Sarah Kimmel at Tech 4 Mommies to inspire our readers. Maybe you have a great idea, but you're trying to talk yourself out of believing that you're an entrepreneur. Maybe, like Sarah thought, you feel comfortable with health insurance and a steady paycheck. But maybe, just maybe, you're lying to yourself. Read on for more inspiration. ...more

Inspired & Unstoppable: 3 Practices to Succeed Wildly in Your Life’s Work

As a young woman I denied my calling, the life that called my name, and I achieved worldly “success.” I ignored my desire to write, considered it fanciful. Instead, I graduated Harvard Law School with honors. I stomped around in designer suits on partnership track in a swanky law firm. But the higher I climbed, the sadder I felt. My ambition couldn’t replace inspiration. You don’t get to choose your true wild desire or the life that calls you. You only get to choose whether or not you will listen. And that choice makes all the difference in your life and the world. ...more
@Elaine Griffin And so it is! Thanks for sharing, Elaine!more