How to Deal Effectively with Criticism

Criticism... you can't escape it. After all if you're up to something big in your life, career, or business, someone's going to be unhappy, uncomfortable, or jealous. So, how can you deal with criticism effectively? Check out this video and blog post to learn some tips on how to do that. ...more
The people I admire most can take and even welcome criticism. I still cringe a bit when I get ...more

Networking Is A Contact Sport. Are You Playing It Right?

Does it scare you, do you find it ineffective or are you just not recognizing it as the most valuable tool for creating referrals and leads? I admit I’ve been to my fair share of networking events when, upon arriving, a stranger has thrust their business card in my face without even qualifying whether I want it, or they want to business with me. Thankfully there are many people out there who are doing it right. They’re using the ‘Butterfly Effect’ to really make an incredible network they can tap into and serve at a moment’s notice.  ...more
This is a great article, thank you. I would argue, too, that not only does it take time to learn ...more

The Student Who Taught Me

I met Ted the second semester I taught at a community college—just a few short years ago. He sat in the front row. His legs were too long to fit under the ridiculously small 1970’s desks we had then. The chair seemed tiny in comparison to his frame. He was a former Marine, 49, six-foot-five, and the oldest student in the class. Ted was even a couple of years older than the newbie instructor--me. When he first spoke up, challenging me on an essay we’d read for the English comp class, I thought, “What am I going to do with this dude?” ...more
@paulag01 Sincere thanks for the feature. My students are remarkable and teach me every day. :)more

Could You Live on Minimum Wage?

[Editor's Note: If you had to, could you work for and live on minimum wage? We've heard the term working poor before but how does it really break down? This post takes a personal and hard look at whether minimum wage can be livable (or not). - Paula G] ...more
One of my favorite reads was "Nickel & Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich- - it SO opened my eyes to ...more

Essentials College Grads are Missing as They Enter Workforce

[Editor's Note: There is a notable difference at times between someone just out of college and another person well-schooled in the work world (even in the most basics of jobs like say the grocery store clerk). Even so, it there are some very basic ways that college should prepare students for the work world that they are not. Check out this excellent report to learn more about the essentials that seem to be missing. - Paula G] ...more
Allison makes excellent points that I do my best to impress upon my college Business and ...more

Ways to Make Scheduling Easier

Meeting with other people is a huge part of doing business. Whether you are following up from networking events, meeting with prospects, making time for exploratory chats with partners, or scheduling customers, it all comes down to getting it on the calendar. With everyone being busier than ever it behooves you to make it quick, easy, and convenient. The less time you spend on low-value tasks like back and forth scheduling emails, the more time and energy you have for working in and on your business. ...more
Great point - I have to say finally having a smartphone w/ calendar made my life easier. As for ...more

Sexual Harassment is Real

[Editor's Note: Sexual harassment can often be a fine line, ignored, or pushed aside... It also seems sometimes that certain people have repeated bad experiences with this situation. This personal story drives home what it is really like to be on the receiving end of this type of harassment. - Paula G] ...more
Crystal, I read your post, and I'd like to thank you for speak up. I left a comment on your ...more

Don't Get Angry, Negotiate!

Many business leaders are good at contracting and negotiating. Negotiating is how we close customers, manage vendors and hire/release employees; it’s how we establish and maintain our relationships with third parties; it’s how we conduct business. ...more
@SeattleMoon Welcome to humanity. We all get angry and we all sit on it. It's just human nature. ...more

Steve Jobs, Apple and the Intersection of "Censorship" and Capitalism

[Editor's Note: There's no mistaking the impact Steve Jobs has had on technology, leadership, and the way we do business each day. Yet, as with any leader (any human being!) there are our strengths and shortcomings. I really enjoyed this insight on censorship and capitalism after reading his biography. - Paula G] ...more

What Editors Think Of Writers -- The Most Honest Advice Ever By Gina Barreca (Part Of A 10 Part Publishing Series)

“What do editors want?” Adding to our discussion of real-life experience in the world of publishing, the fourth voice we’ll hear is from the Editor-at-Large of an internationally known and well-respected magazine, one with a professional as well as popular readership. A successful author in her own right as well as an experienced editor, “Hanna Errant” (her alias, as if you couldn’t tell) maps some unnerving changes in the publishing industry over the last twenty years: ...more
I published a book this year, and our editor was immensely helpful. On the other hand, we spent ...more