PhD in Hand. Now the Job Interview

Anyone who has finished, started or even contemplated going to graduate school knows that its more about tenacity and a willingness to jump hoops than about intelligence or the love of wisdom (although with any luck these things will be there too).  First, there are the competitive seminars with your back stabbing peers--after all, these are the people who decided to become academics.  It goes without saying that they will for the most part be lacking in social skills after spending all of their childhood years being tormented by cooler peers. ...more
@Jane Miller LOL! The snow storm was in the Hyundai. The first time we went to New York we took ...more

Job Loss and Depression

Sometimes losing a job can be the start of a domino effect. A few things go wrong, depression sets in and before you know it, you're scrambling. I've heard stories like this and I want you to know you're not alone (if you're experiencing the same!). That's why I thought it worth sharing this timely and very personal post from Lisa. ...more

The Pipeline Fellowship - A New Brand of Angels

Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with Natalia Oberti Noguera, Founder & CEO of the Pipeline Fellowship to learn more about how they are helping the new breed of women angel investors. Typically only 12% of angel investors are women and Pipeline Fellowship is out to change that. Some recent statistics to that end from 2011 (first and second quarters): ...more
@pipelinefellows You got it! Thanks for your time and sharing the story.more

Season Marketing - Are You Doing It?

Marketing takes planning ahead. With the holiday season ahead, is your marketing addressing what your prospects are already thinking about (the holidays) or are you missing the boat? Read this important peek inside how to do seasonal marketing well. ...more

What Leadership Lesson Are You Most Thankful For?

This is an advice column where I'm supposed to answer your questions. But this Thanksgiving, I'm shaking things up in my life , so I turned the tables and asked some fabulous women leaders this question: What leadership lesson are you most thankful for? The outpouring of responses made me exceedingly grateful. Not a turkey among them. Herewith a Thanksgiving feast of delicious wisdom you can savor calorie-free—and use all year. ...more
Jane and Rita, thanks for your contributions. Great advice. Women do tend to be people pleasers ...more

No Substitute

I am not a very good sick person.  I don’t like stuffing my pockets full of Kleenex, dosing up on Sudafed, and trying to make it through my day.  But I don’t like the alternative, either.  Hunkering down in the house with a stack of unread newspapers, that novel I’ve been meaning to finish since last summer, lotion-infused tissues, a remote control and satellite TV isn’t what I’d exactly call my dream day off.  ...more

Help! My Coworker Won't Stop Talking to Me!

[Editor's Note: Ever have a colleague who just won't stop talking to you? You try to get work done, let them know that you can't chat right now, but they don't get the hint? Find out what this manager has to say about how to get them to stop talking (in a nice way). - Paula G] ...more
i've had similar experience before. i work in graveyard shift and during break time i try to ...more

I Left A Tenured Academic Position, But I Am Not A Goner: A Working/Parenting Post By Anne G. Sabo

I didn’t leave a tenured position as a college professor to “stay at home” with my child and “not work.” I left because I felt my body scream against the thought of not being with my child, and because I wanted to write. I wanted to write, and not the kind of clever academic wrangle appraised by peers. I wanted to write something of meaning, for myself and for those who care. ...more
We are all working mothers, right? Feminism gave us this gift of choice, and now we sit and ...more

You vs. The Economy

Is the economy holding you back – or is it just you? Though the economy is improving, I still hear a lot of freelancers and small business owners out there blaming the “bad economy” for their current business woes.  Now, that’s not to say that the recent economic downturn didn’t have a substantial effect on many businesses; however, now that we’re on the upswing, it’s time to rev up and get back in the game!  No excuses – now is a great time to reevaluate your business and to reexamine how you position your business within your industry. ...more
SEO is a HOT topic right now! Luckily you could step away from the traditional journalism idea ...more

What's Your Biggest Career Challenge?

Today I was musing about career and business challenges. It got me to thinking about how while there may be news and trends and stories out there, what is REALLY going on? You know, every day in the trenches for you and for me..whether you work for a company or are your own boss. Every time I turn around I hear about someone having at least one or more of the following challenges: ...more
My biggest challenge is being 48 and not having the education to get even an entry level job. I ...more