Re-thinking the "Social Media Expert" Career

I paid cash money to attend a local social media event recently. It was about 12:20 on Friday afternoon. All I had to show for my investment was a bag of peanuts and a non-functional rubber brain. It was raining. I was miserable. I could hear a man at another table telling a group of women “Oh yeah, I work with mommy bloggers all the time. We have this money making affiliate system that allows you to take care of your families…” I smell hokum. This was not a good sign. ...more

Time is Money - Negotiate Well

When you own your own business, time is money. Well time is still time but since you have to learn,create, market, produce, serve clients, etc. time is very precious and how you spend it has a direct impact on your bottom line. That's why negotiating is so important. ...more

The Neighborhood Experience - Local Business

Today it is all about virtual media, communities, eCommerce. Yet, there is something truly heartwarming and downright enjoyable about local, in-person business experiences in your own neighborhood. Read this cool tale of just that very thing. ...more
This is the hardware store that we go to - they are fantastic!more

How to Set Fees as a Writer

Setting prices...whether you're a writer or any type of business owner for that matter, is part art, part science, and often uncomfortable. It can make the difference between profitable and unprofitable. See how this writer prices her projects to be successful. ...more
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3 Skills To Vault You Into Leadership (And Help You Stay There)

Meg* and I were lunch-brainstorming how to help one of her direct reports who is struggling to “fit” into her recent Director-level promotion. Meg noted that this woman – we’ll call her Kathy* – found it hard to see the forest for the trees. ...more

Holiday Gifts for the Digitally Career-Minded

With the holidays arriving, even some of the most career-minded among us look forward to some time off (or at least more fun between workdays.) With a little thought, it's possible to send the worker bees in your life back to the office after the holiday with a thoughtful gift or two. And while it's nice to snag the shiniest new digital tablet, it's also possible to think beyond the iPad. (Although please Santa bring me one? Thanks.)...more
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Does it Pay to Get a College Education?

I have been reading some very troubling articles lately about the state of affairs for young adults entering the workforce. Because I don't know someone personally affected, it sort of flies past my radar map until a number of things land all at the same time. As a result, I though it was worth pointing out a few recent articles I read and opening the dialogue here on the site about this topic. Does it still pay to invest in a college education, even when diplomas no longer open the doors they once did? ...more
My husband and I both went to college. We both managed to come out with little to no debt. He ...more

Can I Negotiate the Pay I’m Worth in a Down Economy?

Now that the Paycheck Fairness Act failed on Capitol Hill, what can women do to try to get the pay they deserve, the same pay as men? In this economy, women may fear that aggressive negotiating may cost them a job either before they even have it or while they have it.   ...more
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Hanging a Shingle: It's Not So Easy!

[Editor's Note: Oh the days of sitting in a cubicle, dreaming of being a consultant. Wow - you mean they make THAT much an hour? Seemed easy, right? A fast path to a raise AND tons of freedom and time off. And then....reality sets in. This is a great article from someone who took the leap and is learning what it takes. - Paula G] ...more

Interviewing for a Job: The New Rules

[Editor's Note: Check out these new rules of interviewing. It's not the old school way anymore. You need to read and adapt to be prepared and land the job. - Paula G] ...more
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