Destructive Myths, at Work and Away from It

A friend of mine on Twitter shared a link recently to an article by Tony Schwartz called Four Destructive Myths Most Companies Still Live By. It's a really interesting read; go check it out when you get a chance.The myths Schwartz lists are:Multitasking is critical in a world of infinite demand.A little bit of anxiety helps us perform better.Creativity is genetically inherited, and it's impossible to teach.The best way to get more work done is to work longer hours.These sound vaguely familiar....more
@isthisthemiddle Thanks! The funny thing is, I spent a long time at a company that seemed to ...more

Say No and the Money Will Flow

Especially in tough economic times it can feel very hard to say no to money. Even if the opportunity is not a fit or offers you far less money than you are worth. It feels like cutting off a lifeline. Yet, sometimes saying no is exactly what you need to get the money flowing. ...more

Need Cash? Create Some with a Joblet

Whether you are inbetween jobs, unemployed, underemployed, or an entrepreneur falling short of income goals chances are you can create cash sooner rather than later. One of the biggest trends born from the crazy economy is that of mini-jobs or a portfolio career where someone has multiple jobs (freelance or part-time) that add up to a full time paycheck. Even if you don't have enough of these mini-jobs to make a full paycheck, capitalizing on what you already know is a fast path to cash. ...more
That is a bit of the beauty of bartering...and it can be great - just be clear on when you ...more

Does a Clean Desk Drive Productivity?

Is a cluttered desk a sign of genius? Or is it a neat desk? Do you have to be organized to be productive? People will argue both sides ... the conversation is as old as the invention of the flat surface. This post takes a fun look at whether a cluttered desk affects your ability to be productive (or not). ...more
Yup, I do that often to clear my head!!more

Six Ways To Balance Your Babies And Your Dreams

I once assumed, like many, that motherhood would cause me to lose sight of my dreams, either that I'd be so in love with my children or that I'd simply lose myself.And that scared me. A lot.In spite of this fear, twenty-one months ago, I became a mom. And, in doing so, I learned that my early assumptions were all wrong. Rather than making me forget about my dreams, motherhood has made me realize new ones and given me the confidence to make my dreams, both new and old, become a reality....more
Love this. These are goals that may be hard to achieve, but yes, take it one day at a time. Work ...more

How to Be More Confident Even When You Feel Crappy

Ever feel like your confidence is in the toilet? We've all been there and yet confidence is so very crucial for our success. You can't just put on your confidence outfit though it has to come from the inside. Learn what you can do to amp up your confidence when you feel crappy. ...more

How Far Is Too Far When A Teacher Shares Personal Information With Their Students?

"Hey babe, how was school?" "My teacher is a lesbian!" "Excuse me?" "She told us today in class. ...more
UncoolMomDotCom Maybe the problem is we're cramming so much into test preparation that students ...more

How Roxanne Coady Quit her Job and Created the Bookstore of Her Dreams

"Do your parents own a laundry or a grocery store?" I got that a lot from non-Asian kids, growing up in the Bronx. If I was feeling sensitive about the stereotype I'd retort "I'm Chinese. We own restaurants. Koreans own grocery stores. Don't you know anything?"  Actually, we weren't business-owning Chinese immigrants at all. We were scholarship-seeking Chinese immigrants, hoping for job security, health benefits, and a clear ladder to climb til retirement....more
What a great story. I'm definitely inspired! Thank you.more

Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

     I was tired from two days of thinking and talking theologically as I boarded the plane to return to Dallas. The flight attendant began the usual pre-flight schpeel, which is my sign to check out mentally.  The familiar words passed right by me until something new drew me back from my daze.  What did she say? ...more
@hollynielsen Holly, I totally agree with you! I remember last year when Tina Fey was ...more

10 Red Flags That You Aren't Cut Out for Self-Employment

People often ask me - how did you know you were cut out to be your own boss? How do you deal with the anxiety? The risk? The learning curve? There are many ways to be successful... I coach my clients how to navigate the inner and outer obstacles all the time. Yet, I will be the first to say that self-employment is not for the faint of heart, it's not for everyone. So, how do you know if it's right for you? ...more
Eliminate negative people from your life and cultivate the positive! Now more than ever, ...more