THE Fear That Can Stop Your Career Transition in Its Tracks

Making a career change often comes with heartstopping fear. It can leave you paralyzed and stuck. It can sabotage your best efforts. There are lots of fears that come up along the way, but one that can be particularly hard to navigate. Learn what that is...and how to get through it. ...more

Using Video to Market Your Business

Video is just great for marketing your business. All videos are not created equal though, and for many the idea of video is intimidating (after all, you'd have to be SEEN!). Some excellent tips here for creating videos to market your service business. ...more
Great article. She's right it takes some practice like learning to ride a bike. I would add ...more

Unsought Leadership: How Anita Hill Called Out Workplace Harassment and Changed Everything

Was there ever any domination that did not appear natural to those who possessed it?--John Stuart Mill, 18th century economist If you’re a woman over 40, you’ve probably had an Anita Hill Moment. That aha when you realized those suggestive comments, undesired gropes, and surreptitious ass-pats you’d long endured in the male-dominated workplace had a name: sexual harassment.  ...more
The entire thing stunk of dirty liberal politics. She followed Thomas to his next job after the ...more

Tips for Taking Vacation When You're Self-Employed

When you're self-employed you have the freedom to set your own vacation schedule. As little or as much as you desire. That said, since you're in charge, you have to learn how to balance time away with time working. Check out this personal story and 5 tips for taking a vacation when you're self-employed. ...more
i love traveling but having an office work limits me to just 1 destination per year and i dream ...more

How Marrying My Sugar Daddy Changed My Life

Remember your dreams or thoughts from high school? Teen years? College? Perhaps you were filled with wanderlust or expectations greater or less than what you've thus far experienced in your life. How might that have been different if you married a sugar daddy? Well ready this interesting post on redefining your life's expectations based on marriage. ...more

How to Get Projects Done - Some Dirty Little Secrets

When you are your own boss, getting things done is key. The challenge is, sometimes the very projects you most want to complete hit the backburner because of day to day responsibilities. So, how can you get those projects complete and stay sane? Read these dirty little secrets to getting your project done. ...more

What I Learned While Publishing My Book

In September, I released my first full-length published book titled Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence™: Reflections on Nature and Wisdom and to say I am excited is an understatement. Along the way I learned a great deal about what it takes to start and more importantly complete a project like this. Whether you are looking to publish as part of your business or for professional gratification, here are some lessons learned. ...more
Congrats on your bouncing baby BOOK, Paula! Yes, I likened my own book writing experience with ...more

Stop! I’m Decision-ed Out

You love your Smartphone, your laptop, your car’s navigational device, your programmable oven, TV, and all the rest of your modern day devices. They make life so much easier in so many respects! You can communicate with anyone anytime, by phone, by text, by videochat. You can Google all sorts of information instantly! You can compare prices online for virtually any product at any time of day or night. You can figure out which TV programs you want to record weeks ahead of time. You wish your kids were as easy to control  ...more

Thoughts on Retiring from the Army

Retirement is a milestone for anyone. For someone who has spent 20 years in the army full-time it is an even bigger more long-term deployments or last-minute assignments that take you away from family and into harm's way. Read this perspective from an army wife as her husband's retirement approaches. ...more
@MarleneDixon Thank you! I didn't know your husband retired. How awesome! Hope he's enjoying the ...more

The Domino Effect

A recent advertisement for car insurance outlined what I think of as “the Domino Effect.” The person in the car crash needed to borrow a car, which meant the person who loaned it didn’t have their car and had to borrow one from someone else. That person had to cancel an appointment, which meant that the person having the appointment with them was inconvenienced, and so on. In life, our actions affect others’ lives....more