Suspended Reality of Career Transition

As someone who made the leap from corporate to self-employed, I can so appreciate this post. I am very much in touch with that suspended reality where you know in your heart and gut something is right for you but yet logically your mind is screaming. The ego mind, monkey mind, chatter station is on overdrive freaking out. And yet, you move forward anyway... ...more

How Women Who Don't Take Maternity Leave Damage Themselves and Other Moms

I just had my second baby. It was easier in that I wasn't freaked out by every sniffle or oddly colored poo, my husband didn't offer an opinion on everything and I somewhat knew what to expect in the delivery room. But it in so many other respects it was the same or harder: hormones going ballistic, aching back from the heavy breasts and constant hunching over, and oh yeah, the toddler older sibling. But somehow the fact that I had done it once before put me under the deluded assumption that I was invincible and that recovery would be a breeze. Big mistake. ...more
There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't have a mandatory paid maternity leave for at ...more

Career Change Roundup

Changing careers can be exhilirating or stressful depending on your approach. In the last few years more people have had to change careers by necessity rather than by voluntary choice. That said, whether you choose to leave or are asked to leave you have the power to use it as a catalyst for your future. ...more
In the midst of it right now...experiencing good and bad days. But I've found that staying busy, ...more

Need More Opportunities? Learn from a Grasshopper

I am fully sold on the wisdom that can be found in nature...wisdom that is directly applicable to our life, career, and business. That is why I love this post about what a grasshopper can teach you about creating opportunities. ...more

Building Your Biz - Can't Do it All in Your PJs

Ahhhh you make the leap from corporate to entrepreneur. You dream of working in your PJ's all day, sitting in the sunshine, and simply using social media for all its worth. Problem can't grow your business without leaving your house. Great article by expert networker about her hard lessons of trying to do it all in fuzzy slippers. ...more
Thanks for this post! So true, and just what I need to get out the door and make some connections!more

Registering a Trademark - Is it Worth It?

Intellectual Property is very important to small and large businesses alike. Unlike a big corporation, entrepreneurs don't have a big legal team to help them navigate the waters of IP Law. Yet, when your business is creative, protecting what you create is tantamount to your success. So, what should you do? File for an official registered trademark? And if you do, should you DIY or hire an expert? ...more
This article does *not* address whether or not you should register a trademark, or if it is ...more

How Do I Lead When I'm Not in Charge?

I get a little nostalgic in October remembering my late parents whose birthdays were this month. So when Bonnie McEwan, president of the public interest communications firm Make Waves, suggested I write about how people in middle management can be leaders, I chuckled to think of one of my father's favorite sayings: Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time. That conjures up amusing pictures that equalize people regardless of their stature in the formal organization chart. ...more
Thank you, Gloria, for a terrific article that comes at a great time for me. The organization ...more

Juggling Life by Nikki Mark

As National Work and Family Month (October) approaches, I can’t help but think about some new ways to better juggle life.  It’s not a new question, but I think it’s one that affects more and more of us, especially working moms such as me.  How do we know if we are getting it right? ...more

Business Leaders – What Don’t Your Employees Tell You?

Bosses, Do you know what’s really going on in your organizations? According to the Speak Truth to Power Survey I fielded last month, no. You’re often not hearing what your people really think....more

Writers Must...Write!

Ah to be a writer...we wax poetic about it, but in truth the secret to being a writer is....drumroll...actually writing! As a writer myself with her first published book, I know how it can feel to want to write, think about writing, learn about writing, and yet drag feet when it comes to actually writing. See firsthand how this blogger handles her write stuff. ...more
@cookingwithkary It sounds like you've got the hardest part behind you. Good luck finishing ...more