The Secret to Effective Selling - Roundup

If you are in business, you are a sales professional. I don't care if your business is widgets or service, you must be able to sell effectively if you plan on staying in business. As someone who came from a corporate background where no sales was required, it was a rude awakening for me to enter the world of entrepreneurship and have to... eek! Sell! ...more

3 Online Credibility Mistakes Entreprenuers Must Avoid

Online is the name of the game for businesses marketing their products and services these days. Yet, even though it is no longer "new" many business owners miss the mark when it comes to building online credibility. Are you making one of these 3 key mistakes? Learn what to avoid and how to fix it if you've already goofed. ...more

10 Factors That Impact A Brands Success & Sustainability!

The theme of our six part series has been Brand Power. Are you building it? Building something that lasts usually means a strong foundation. Your brand’s strong foundation is the basis for its longevity.  ...more

Mentors and You: Learn How BlogHer Writers '11 Can Give You an Advantage

BlogHer Writers ‘11 is offering attendees something special in those small group mentoring sessions: an advantage. When you’re trying to understand or start something new, the help of others who have “been there, done that” is such a benefit. It doesn’t matter what that new thing is, the help of a mentor can make all the difference. We’re hoping that the mentoring sessions at BlogHer Writers will allow for attendees to break through their own mental stumbling blocks and give them a clear idea of “what’s next” when it comes to publishing. I thought, since it’s possible that some people have never had a mentoring experience, it would be helpful if we asked a few of our scheduled mentors their experiences with mentors as they made their way in and through their careers. ...more

Business Travel-A How To Guide for Moms

Traveling for business... it can be draining and a hassle for anyone. For Moms who haven't done so before it has the added stress of being away from the kids, perhaps for the first time ever. Read this practical post from a Mom who has been there and wants to help you navigate the waters of business travel (and the angst of being away from the kids). ...more

Telework vs. Troglodytes by Kathie Lingle

-Lately, it seems like everyone’s talking telework. ...more

Men Are Rewarded More Often for Speaking their Truth? Really?

I ran a survey last month asking people about their experiences with Speaking Truth to Power. One hundred and fifty five professionals – mostly women – responded and said loud and clear that: ...more
@Gloria Feldt Gloria, Love the "wear the shirt" analogy because it IS all about taking a stand - ...more

Work-Life Balance Roundup

This week we dive into the wide-world of work-life balance. To me the term is almost mythical. What is it really supposed to mean? A perfectly balanced life? That's like a perfectly done souffle or perfectly round and even homemade pie. I don't know about you, but those are few and far between (and often a fluke). Not to mention often the juice just isn't worth the squeeze (as an manager of mine used to say). ...more

5 Tips to Thrive in Chaos (What Good Is Vision When You’re Up to Your A** in Alligators?)

I knew there’d be pushback the minute I dubbed vision the #1 leadership characteristic. "Get real," several readers e-mailed. It reminded me of the cartoon a colleague once gave me, bearing the caption: “When you’re up to your a** in alligators, it’s hard to remember your goal was to drain the swamp.” ...more
Like x 3, Aletha!! Also I am laughing because from personal experience I can tell you that when ...more

How Biomimicry Can Help Your Business Success

What can business learn from nature? A heck of a lot. I personally use nature a great deal in my own work. That is why I was thrilled when I came across this post on using biomimicry as a key to your success as a business in startup mode. Cutting edge thinking from age old wisdom. ...more