Are Women Gender Profiling Themselves?

As a working mom, do you get stereotyped? Are you playing into the stereotypes out there? It's amazing how much people still just assume even in the year 2011. Mind-boggling. Read this first-person account of unexpected stereotyping and see if you see yourself in her story. ...more
My answer "nope". My daughter's answer "nope ...more

Can Your Teenager Use a Hammer?

While this post comes from a more mainstream source in Canada, I thought the topic of this post was highly relevant. The title alone caught my eye and when I started reading into it further it really hit home. Teenagers can text, but will they be able to use a hammer? Fix things? Work with their hands? Apply skills that many of us take for granted? Read on to discover some interesting insights from the frontline hiring our youngest generation of workers. ...more
yeah, my 2 oldest boy and girl can...but my sooo not into it..more

The Real Life of a Working Mother

While I am not a working mother myself, I know that pulling it all together can be a challenge. That is why I like to share posts with you from the frontline of motherhood where it intersects with business. I thought this witty (truth is stranger than fiction) post might just resonate with some of the working moms out there... ...more
@BlogHer love it!! Wore 1 black shoe & 1 brown shoe since dressing before dawn to get the kids ...more

Blog Roundup - How to Price Your Services

When you first strike out on your own, you're eager for your first client. I know I certainly was. Then inevitably the question hits - what should I charge for my services? When starting out, the tendency is to want to low-ball your prices because you might feel: ...more
Thanks for reading -- yes this is a prime example where we might think - oh but is $200 ...more

Making Flex Work for You - Learn from the Top 100 Companies

Love them or hate them, the 100 Best Companies lists are out yet again. You can learn something from women who are making it work - on the job and off. Check out this recent article from Working Mother about how you can make flex work for you in new and creative ways. ...more
It worked for About half of our staff and was hugely abused by the other half. more

Why Your Brand Authenticity Counts From The Beginning

Transparency, truth and being real, all the rage now and as it should be. This is not a new position or idea it’s just that people now are taking it a lot more seriously, when choosing who they want to align themselves with and invest in. ...more

Why Odd Jobs Matter

What I know for sure is that you never quite end up doing what you thought you would when it comes to your career. Even if you follow the same profession you claimed in college I'd bet there are many unforseen circumstances that have required you to punt, adapt, and reorient. That's why I love this post on why odd jobs are so important. You just never know where they might lead to or when. ...more

Working at Home - Common Challenges

Working at home brings with it a host of new challenges. What do my working hours look like? What do I wear? Do I take a shower first? When does the day end? This fun and practical post covers these bases and more... ...more
Absolutely! Boundaries are a must...even without kids (simply if you have a roomate/spouse). ...more

My Husband Won't Support My Dreams

My husband is in the Army, and is currently living 1,800 miles away from me while he trains for his upcoming deployment. In the meantime, I've been in the process of chasing a dream and starting my own business over the last year. It's been slow, tedious work, but I'm finally getting liftoff and gaining momentum. Each time I call and excitedly tell him about the good news, he pisses all over my joy. He'll get skeptical and cynical, and ask about the worst-case scenario, and offer a halfhearted, "Uh…well, congratulations…" It's heartbreaking. I love him to death, but I'm on the brink of doing something amazing and need his support and encouragement. Help! ...more
I am completely in the same situation. Over years of arguing and many times I have wanted to ...more

How to Keep Going When You're Growing a Business

Last night I was having a conversation with my financial advisor when we started talking about perseverance and what it REALLY takes to build a business. I was fairly amazed at how different her perspective was after a decade in her own company than mine was after a little over four years full-time. ...more