How 9/11 Changed my Career

This week we noted the 10th anniversary of 9/11. To me the biggest tribute anyone could offer to that day is to live their life fully and do the work they are truly meant to do in the world. That's why I love this thoughtful post about how that fateful changed one woman's career path and approach to life and business. She's honest, raw, and a testament to what it really means to actively create your life. That's the biggest honor anyone could ever give those who lost their lives. ...more

Do You Have a Bag Lady Business Plan?

The fear of being a baglady. Anyone who has ever thought of or started a business has feared living in a van down by the river. I know it certainly scared the hell out of me. Four plus years later though I'm still growing and no sign of bad-ladydom thankfully. This seems to plague women far more than it does men. Why is that and how can you avoid the fear and the risk? Read this compelling post about creating a bag lady business plan. ...more

What’s the #1 Leadership Attribute?

I know I said this column would explore what we can learn about leadership from the presidential candidates’ endless mud-wrestling on our television screens these days. That’s a fascinating analysis I’ll get to eventually—we’ll have plenty of time since the election is still fourteen months away! But when I realized I’d be writing this column on September 14, the birthday of a significant mentor in my life, I chose instead to focus on the most important leadership lesson I learned from her. ...more
@Gloria Feldt  Just revisited this article and didn't have to wonder too much what Margaret ...more

What If Your Fear Is Right

In the middle of the night, fear can taunt me with that thought. I woke up this morning with its voice loud in my ear.  You know what that's like, when the sunlight seems unable to scare away the demons that haunt you at 3am. I tried my usual tricks to silence fear's voice -- singing two songs at once (you think I'm kidding, but it works), counting sit-ups out loud and keeping myself occupied. Laundry at 7am, anyone? Then it hit me. It's time to look at what I'm afraid of. ...more
Yes sometimes it's simply what if it leads to something better? Miracles happen when we stand ...more

How to Create a Product

Creating a product is a way of creating an additional (and somewhat passive) income stream for small business owners. It can feel so intimindating and yet it need not be. You just need to know where to start and how to believe. Here's a great how-to guide along with some moral support to boot. ...more

Trying to Control Your Life or Business - A Recipe for Stress

When you go out on your own as an entrepreneur it can feel freeing and overwhelming. Yet most of us have an indomitable spirit that no matter what we can take control, make it happen, and succeed. For some that takes the form of being overly controlling (can you say control freak?). It's understandable, right? After all part of why most of us go solo is to have more influence and control over our own success (or lack thereof). So it seems natural that we'd want to control things. This comes at a cost and can ultimately bring you down though. ...more

How to Bridge the Gap from Employee to Entrepreneur

Bridging the chasm between employee and entrepreneur feels like uncharted territory when you're doing it (despite the fact that others have gone before you). I know I've done it personally and it requires a belief and a support structure to be successful. That's why I really liked this post from Molly Gordon - it presents the journey well. ...more

Are Your Resume & LinkedIn in Sync?

Think potential employers (or customers) don't compare your resume and LinkedIn Profile? Think again. Learn why it's important that you present a consistent, clear picture of you and how to do so in this helpful article. Don't get caught unaware and embarrassed because your profiles are out of sync. ...more
Actually, many weekends I am computer free. This weekend I plan to work. Oh well. I hope your ...more

Blend the Power of Making Personal Connections Online and in-Person

We continue our six part series on Brand Power.  Are you building it! What’s your X, It, Wow.  How do you define your brand and what are and all the things that you do, the branding, to put yourself out there to get noticed, stand out and engage business.Here is part one, “3 Keys to A Brand That Stands Out” and part two, “Your Brand is You, Your Branding is You in Action”.   ...more

Choosing the Right Business Partner

How to choose the best fit for you. Starting your own business is an enormous undertaking. One of the most critical, strategic decisions you will make is whether to take a partner.  Horror stories abound about the partner from hell and about partnerships gone wrong. Deciding whether to take a partner and choosing the right one is a strategic imperative, and if given proper focus and consideration, you can make the right choice, one that can have a profoundly beneficial impact on your business. Do You Need a Partner? ...more