Interview with Deborah Perry Piscione, Secrets of Silicon Valley Author

After almost two decades working in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, in The White House, and in the media as a political commentator for CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, Deborah Perry Piscione moved to Silicon Valley. What she discovered there shocked her. The hidden secrets inherent in the unique ecosystem that is Silicon Valley are ones that everyone could benefit from. This is what inspired her to write Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Everyone Else Can Learn From the Innovation Capital of the World. ...more
that is a freakishly airbrushed picture.more

Stop Procrastinating & Get Unstuck with These 4 Tips

Procrastination can come in many forms. Putting things off directly as well as putting things off indirectly by tending to everything BUT the thing that most needs doing. This can leave you feeling frustrated and stuck. Paula Eder, The Time Finder helps you break through that procrastinating stuck place in this post. ...more

Women of Color Speak Out About "Leaning In"

If there's one thing that bothers me about the brouhaha surrounding Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In movement, it's that the discussion about work-family balance once again focuses overwhelmingly on white, upper-middle class women. Again, there is no mention of women who must deal with racism, chronic poverty or cultural expectations in the careers. Well, the Latoya Peterson at Racialicious has read my mind, because she's unrolling a new series featuring the voices of women of color sharing their stories....more
Again, here is something else I was not aware of. So I am always learning something new when I ...more

20 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work

The workplace can be a stressful place. Between personality differences, "one-size-fits-all" working environments (think: introverts hate open office floor plans), and having to always "do more with less" while wondering if your job is really secure, work can pile on stress like no other. According to the article "Making a Business Case for Mindfulness": ...more

Want to Be a Freelance Writer? Tips for Success

[Editor's Note: Lots of people say they want to be a freelancer writer, but where do you start? What are the secrets to success? This practical post from Jen at Runners Trials answers the question "So you want to be a freelance writer?" with manageable steps and habits that work. -Paula G ] ...more

Feeling at Home at Work

[Editor's Note: The sense of whether a mom will want to work after having children can be unpredictable. You might think one way and then all of a sudden ache to work more. Here is one woman's surprising revelation and dramatic shifts around working and being a mom. -Paula G ...more
BlogHerMoms Our society can be judgmental: they have an opinion if you stay home w/kids or go to ...more

Losing Job Opportunities Because of Your Email Address?

Can your email address work against you in your search for employment? People make snap judgments about you based on your email address. I can remember working in a data support department in corporate and seeing customer database entries like "IMHOT1 at" listed and these were medical professionals. What judgment would you make about that person? See? Paul Gumbinner talks about the snap judgments people make about your brand based on your email and how it might hold you back in this post. ...more
lol...I've always been super boring with my email address. It's just my name. Guess I've been ...more

Advice for Un/Underemployed: Unique Techniques for Finding Work

Being laid off is scary, especially during a tight job market like our current one in the U.S. Like thousands of us still looking for full-time work – or even steady a part-time job – I can relate. Since my layoff about three years ago, I’ve been trying to “think of out the box” with my job search. I’ve been pursuing a number of methods, traditional and unconventional, to get a better foothold in returning to the workforce. Some techniques have been promising, and I’m still doing them. Others, well, have not produced the results I hoped. ...more
@KristinCusanelliTito Absolutely! I've registered with temp agencies, but as of this writing, ...more

Do Women Abdicate Their Power on Wall Street?

We often talk about how women handle power differently than men in everyday corporate settings. What about in the biggest financial setting in the world - Wall Street? Do women handle themselves differently than men? Or, are they equally powerful in the epicenter of financial power? Katie Kelley interviews The Wall Street Coach in this post. ...more
I think the key phrase here is learning to 'live with the discomfort' and not immediately ...more

Honing My Message to My Son: Finding Career Direction

[Editor's Note: For a parent, instilling the best message regarding finding a career direction can be a delicate balance between reality plus dreams. You don't want to discourage the dream and yet you also want them to be able to pay the rent. Megan Regnerus works on honing her message in this post. -Paula G ...more