How to Grow Your Etsy/Online Business

I remember the weeks leading up to "starting my Etsy shop". I must have talked myself out of it 1,000 times--literally. I made excuses like, what if nothing sells? what will my friends think? what if I make a mistake on an order? what if no one likes my designs? what about the financial risks for the start up costs? and on and on...But then one night, I took the plunge. I remember the nerves in my stomach as I clicked "purchase" at two in the morning for my very first order of supplies. ...more
So glad this post has resonated with you. @AbbyinOz it's all about sharing... and @paapeseed ...more

Lessons Learned from Your First Job Ever

Think back... way back in time (or maybe not so far back depending on your age...) -- what was your first-ever job like? What did you learn? ...more

Oh Yes - thanks Wander... the exhilaration of your first-ever paycheck!

That would be fun to ...more

Stopping Can Be a Miracle

BlogHer Spotlight: Debra Woog. It can be easy to use words like joy, ease, effortless, abundance, but living them is a different story. Walking the talk is the real deal which is why life as an entrepreneur is really a spiritual practice whether you call it that or just a "growth opportunity". I love this post from Debra because she walks her talk and speaks of how burnout led to self-care for her during a particularly challenging time - a must-read for all women, especially working mothers. ...more

How I Took Charge of My Life and Career

In February 2010, I was laid off from our local newspaper, my second layoff in two years. I decided it was time to take charge of my life and career and to stop being someone else’s employee, writing and publishing other people’s stories, and getting let go when the work ran out....more
This is absolutely encouraging. As someone who is flirting with the idea of ebooks, this is ...more

Types of Mastermind Groups

BlogHer Spotlight: Karyn Greenstreet I know personally being a part of a mastermind group has meant the world to me and my business. Yet there are many different ways you could use the mastermind model to create more professional success for yourself. Learn more about the different types of groups out there and how you can benefit in this post. ...more

7 Tips to a PR Friendly Blog

BlogHer Spotlight: Morgan-The Little Hen house If you want to work with a PR agency to bring out the best in your blog, consider these 7 tips on how to make the most of it. The more PR friendly your blog is, the better your results. Straight-up tips you can use or adapt to fit your needs in this post. ...more

How to Create Great Content so Your Business Prospers - Interview with Michael A. Stelzner

BlogHer Spotlight: Stefanie Frank If you own a business, you have to become an expert in marketing. And, content (call it copy, writing, marketing copy, whatever...) is the key to great marketing. In this post you get a pithy and packed interview with Michael A. Stelzner (founder of as he talks about how to have your business propsper by creating great writing and content. ...more

Why Busyness Can Equate to Laziness

BlogHer Spotlight: Tracy and Kel: The Dao of Doing Busyness is the excuse we use for not creating the life we want. It's an acceptable form of distraction and self-abuse. can see the cycle for what it is and do something about it. Love this post because it gets real and honest about busyness as a form of laziness. ...more

Appropriate Heels for the Office

BlogHer Spotlight: Ashley A. Cray While I personally couldn't tell you a thing about heels, for many women in the workplace, what kind of heel is/is not acceptable can be a stressful conundrum. What is too sexy? What is considered "professional"? Who is defining "professional"? Read this fun and insightful post. ...more

Top Myths About Business Blogging

Recently I happened to attend another "expert" presentation on business blogging. I find when I attend these that I need to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut. Taping my mouth shut might be better. Why? ...more