Top Myths About Business Blogging

Recently I happened to attend another "expert" presentation on business blogging. I find when I attend these that I need to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut. Taping my mouth shut might be better. Why? ...more

A-HA Moments Lead to Positive Change in Challenging Career Situations

BlogHer Spotlight: Leah Singer "Aha Moments" - Oprah made the term a household thing. We all have them, though sometimes it takes a ton of bricks for us to open to them. Learn about this blogger's Aha Moments and how it changed her career. ...more

How Not To Fall Victim To “The Motherhood Penalty”

It’s a fact, Ladies. The most fulfilling experience of our lives – nurturing little beings into wonderful adults – is statistically killing our careers. At least that’s what the data says. ...more

Like what you share here... keep up skills and stay relevant even with small efforts while you ...more

Taking Work on Your Vacation This Summer?

Our family just got home from a peaceful week in a tent, at the edge of Yosemite. For one exciting, very wet day, thunder and lightening crashed around us. The rest of our vacation was sunny days by the river, swimming, fishing, and eating popsicles. I even read a whole Aimee Bender novel! The absolute best part of the trip was all the focused outdoor time with our kids. The second best part was that we had no cell phone reception. ...more

Love it Amanda. Listen to those whispers from deep in the marrow. Your intuition is wise... and ...more

How to Do Email Well (and Nix the Overwhelm)

BlogHer Spotlight: Amy Gahran Email overload. We all experience it and rarely does anyone fully get a grip on the wild beast. Great post here on how to use email well and nix the overload while being more productive at the same time. ...more

Always have.

And I have such a love/hate thing with email.

I'm pretty good at it, which ...more

Adapting to Corporate Culture

[Editor's Note: Check out the adventures in growing up series first-hand experience of what it is like to adapt to corporate culture after college. - Paula G] ...more

Plan Your Blog Posts and Publish Your Ebook

BlogHer Spotlight: Ang England A blog can be an excellent vehicle for organizing and producing your ebook. Read this great post on how to do re-purpose high-quality content with ease. ...more

Making Big Blunders at Your New Job

[Editor's Note: Check out CareerDiva's take on this big gaffe on live television that truly tanked a new producer's job. See why making mistakes isn't the problem, it's what you do with the mistakes you make that makes all the difference. - Paula G] ...more

Seriously? Must a Woman Be Like a Man to Get Ahead?

That question comes up every time I speak with women about their career aspirations. A second question just as surely follows: if we can’t be authentically who we are, why would we want to “succeed” in male-dominated organizations or professions? Many women who leave the corporate world to stay home with children or enter entrepreneurial or nonprofit fields—or alternately, remain quietly in their jobs put only to find themselves doing the work but not getting the promotions—say they do so because they don’t want to become like men. ...more

I at no time have ever wanted to be like a man or imitate one in any way.

I hate football ...more

Your Unique Selling Proposition is What?!

Sometimes something comes across my path that is just too bizarre to not write about. This week was one of those times... You see each business has a unique selling proposition whether they know it or not. This applies for businesses large and small. It is the linchpin on which you exist. If you're doing it right, it is tied into your big WHY as Simon Sinek writes about. That is why I almost drove off the road with incredulous laughing when I heard this commercial. ...more