A Dysmorphic View of Success

When you look around at your colleagues oftentimes you can frankly just feel like a slacker. Of course that sort of comparison only leads to a race in which everyone loses. So, how can you stop feeling "less than" no matter how much you accomplish? Learn how one successful entrepreneur and author breaks the cycle of "not enough". ...more

Can Numbers Help You Find a Job?

I am always on the lookout for interesting articles on career. When this one crossed my path earlier this week, I was intrigued. Not so much because I believe that Numerology will solve everyone's job hunting or career reinvention dilemmas. In fact, I can almost guarantee you from the work that I do as a coach that it won't. You can't find the answers you seek somewhere "out there" no matter where you look. You first need to go within. ...more

Honor Time Style Differences with These Team Building Tips

Building effective teams is challenging. When a time crunch is added to the mix (and when isn't it these days, right?), it can up the ante of challenges. Learn some time proven tips to help you start viewing conflicts in time styles among team members as opportunities rather than obstacles. ...more

Professional Relationships - Difference Between Passive and Gentle

Relationships are complex, let's admit it. Professional relationships can be a special kind of challenge because often we are forced into relationship (co-workers, boss, etc.) with people we might not choose to be otherwise. Add in a touch of diversity, a ton of different styles, work pressures, and you get the picture. Learn about the difference between passivity and gentleness and how you can create better relationships in all areas of your life. ...more

Shop and Navigate a Store Effortlessly

Shopping for professional clothes (or any clothes at all for that matter) is either a love or hate relationship. Sometimes it can seem so hard, overwhelming, and frustrating, you want to consider giving up dressing ever again. In this post learn how to navigate a store with ease so you find what you need in a way that feels great (and makes your professional colleagues glad you didn't give up clothing entirely!) ...more

Should You Reconnect: Co-Workers You've Lost Touch With?

Famous last words when you leave a job "We'll keep in touch." Then, life happens and often you drift apart. Is it appropiate to reconnect with people you've lost touch with when you are applying for a new job? See what Ask a Manager has to say... ...more

Who's Afraid of Retirement?

Retirement can be a touchy topic. Insider look at the amusing, insulting, and downright dumbfounding things that people say or do when someone is retiring and the internal reactions of those who are retiring (these range from terrified to liberated and everything in between). ...more

The 7 Habits Revisited

Remember the 7 Habits? So many of us had read it at one time or another, attended training, or been forced into the model. Much of it is still very rich and relevant today. Like anything though, if you don't revisit it (maybe it's a form of sharpening the saw!) you might be missing out. Learn more in this excellent post. ...more

Grad Commencement 2011: What's All This Talk About Failure?

A quick scan of the star-studded 2011 college commencement key-note speaker line-up discloses an interesting trend. Seems like everybody wants to talk about failure. Usually commencement speeches are all positivity and light. They tend to be about how new graduates have the world in their hands; how anything is possible; how they, the freshly educated and trialed-by-fire scholars, must move on to be the new world leaders. So why, in Heaven's name, would so many of the aged and sage graduation key-noters dwell on things gone wrong? How is it that suddenly failure is a good thing?...more

Along with humor and engaging audiences, it's a challenge to offer a diverse audience a message ...more

Dumb College Tricks That Boosted My Writing Career

[Editor's Note: Sometimes those dumb things you did in college really do end up helping you. Love when that happens. Read how these 8 dumb things one writer did really boosted her career. - Paula G] ...more