Career Move to a Cabin in the Woods

[Editor's Note: Ever wish you could just move to the middle of nowhere to focus on your writing? Literally working in the woods with nothing to distract you? Well, Beyond the Peel is headed to do just that. Check out her exciting adventure and story of this work change. -Paula G ...more

Spring Cleaning for Your Business

[Editor's Note: Spring cleaning - it's not just for your house. No time like the present to take the mindset and ritual of spring cleaning into your business. Get organized and rejuvenated for the next season in your business. Here's how. -Paula G ...more

BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13: Day Two in Tweets

Yesterday I brought you Day One in Tweets, and as BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 draws to a close today, it's time for a look at all things Day Two! It was a jam-packed day full of keynotes, breakout sessions and one-on-one mentoring sessions. I know our attendees are saying great things about their experiences, so let's just jump into what they said....more
“BlogHer: BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13: Day Two in Tweets http:\/\/\/1kMkLgOWxgWxg”more

Why You Should Keep One Foot Out the Door at Work

Even if you have a job that you love, it pays to always be looking. Meaning, there are some very good reasons why you need to have one foot out the door. This doesn't mean you shirk your responsibilities or are "disloyal" it simply means you take control of your own destiny. Lisa Gates of She Negotiates gives you five good reasons in this post. ...more
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BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13: Day One in Tweets

Day One of BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 has drawn to a close. The day brought about a lot of chatter in the #BlogHerENT hashtag. I retweeted a lot of gems from our BlogHer Career account. I learned a lot in the process, let me tell you, and I encourage you to not only read some of the best tweets below, but follow along for Day Two tomorrow!...more

eHarmony® Enters Recruiting Space

In today's ultra-competitive job market where hundreds if not thousands of applications are received for each open position, employers and employees alike seek ways to ensure the most compatible matches possible. Skills will only get you so far. Without a personality and culture fit, the marriage between employer and employee won't last. That's why the news thet eHarmony is getting into the recruiting business is surprising, but yet not entirely. ...more
Interesting... “BlogHerCareer: eHarmony® Enters Recruiting Space http:\/\/\/1aJJinaBRXBRX”more

Single Working Mom’s Worst Nightmare – Summer

[Editor's Note: While I am not a mom myself, many of my clients are. You manage a schedule that works all year long and then whoosh, it's summer vacation and school is out. That is a game-changer for most working mom's. Here's how one working mom handles it...what do you do? -Paula G ...more
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When to Follow Your Calling vs What's Expected

When does it make sense to go with the flow and when does it make sense to break from the status quo and all comfort zones and enter a new turning point in your career? I personally have been fascinated by people's career journeys. As in "how did you end up where you are today?" It is very rarely a direct, logical path (you know, like they tell you it "should" be in college). This thoughtful and inspiring personal post from Lauren Bacon talks about her own turning points. ...more
Purpose drive career change via BlogHer: When to Follow Your Calling vs What's Expected ...more

Daddy's Time or Daddy's Money?

With all the talk about women, work and flexibility in the last month or so, let's not forget about the menfolk. In her post, "The Fatherhood Economy: Spend Time, Pay Attention," Laura Diamond looks at how she and her husband got their priorities straight. ...more

Little Life Lessons: You Never Know Until You Ask

[Editor's Note: When you're new to a work environment, particularly if you're new to the working world, it can feel too intimidating to ask for what you really want. After all, your negative voices chime in "Who are YOU to think you should _____?" Here's a great story about courage from twenty-something Ginna of My Pretty Pennies about the courage to ask (and the window seat that resulted). -Paula G ...more